Mace and T-BAR speak after losing Retribution masks on Raw

Apr 20, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Former RETRIBUTION members Mace and T-BAR are moving forward on the WWE RAW brand as a tag team, and now without their masks.

Tonight’s RAW saw Drew McIntyre demand answers from MVP over last week’s attack that saw Mace and T-BAR lay him out, apparently hired by MVP for Drew’s feud against WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. MVP claimed on this week’s show that Mace and T-BAR are not affiliated with The Hurt Business. McIntyre was then attacked again by Mace and T-BAR as MVP watched. That led to McIntyre asking Adam Pearce to book him in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. The match ended in a DQ after McIntyre was double teamed.

Strowman made the save for McIntyre and then a tag team match was booked. That back & forth match featured a spot towards the end where McIntyre ripped Mace’s mask off. Mace smacked him in the face, and Drew fired right back with a smack to the face with the mask. Drew then beat Mace down in the corner using the mask, which led to the referee calling the match on a disqualification, with T-BAR and Mace getting the win. After the match, T-BAR tried to attack Drew but Braun made the save and ripped his mask off. Braun then knocked T-BAR out of the ring with his own mask, but the former RETRIBUTION members stood tall at ringside, raising their arms in victory with no masks on.

As seen in the post-RAW video below, Sarah Schreiber interviewed Mace and T-BAR about what it means to pick up a win over two former champion.

“What’s it do for us? That does everything for us,” T-BAR declared. “The people want to know who we are, what we’re about, where we’re going, what we’re gonna do… perfect example, what do you think?”

Mace responded, “What does it do for us? We did that… we did that. And as far as I’m concerned, Drew McIntyre, you did me a favor by slapping me across the face with that mask. You revealed to the world exactly what we are – two titans. Two titans that will tower over this entire division, over this entire universe. We did that.”

“It’s time,” T-BAR added. Mace continued, “Our time.”

As noted earlier, it was revealed on Monday that former RETRIBUTION members Reckoning (Mia Yim) and Slapjack (Shane Thorne) are headed to the SmackDown brand. There is no word on when they will be debut, and there’s no word on what is planned next for former RETRIBUTION leader Mustafa Ali. The group split up a few weeks back with no real pay-off to the angle.

Stay tuned for more on Mace and T-BAR. You can see the related photos and videos below:

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