More on Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez

Apr 17, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

New WWE Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews appeared with his new muscle during a backstage segment on tonight’s SmackDown on FOX episode and confirmed that the big man is being called Commander Azeez.

As noted, Crews defeated Big E in a Nigerian Drum Fight to win the title during Night Two of WrestleMania 37. Crews got the win after Commander Azeez (fka Dabba-Kato, Babatunde Aiyegbusi) hit the ring and destroyed Big E.

Commander Azeez is the same name that WWE filed to trademark shortly before WrestleMania 37.

On tonight’s SmackDown, Crews laughed about Big E and said he would offer the former champion a rematch, but he was not at the show due to the beating he took at WrestleMania.

Crews offered some background information on Commander Azeez and said he is a former member of the Nigerian Elite Guard. Crews also named the move that Big E was hit with at WrestleMania – the Nigerian Nail. Crews warned that if anyone dares to come for his Intercontinental Title, they will be annihilated by the Nigerian Nail.

There’s no word on if Big E will get a rematch at the WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view on May 16, but we will keep you updated.

Below is video from tonight’s backstage segment on SmackDown:

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