Henry Cejudo Begins Pro Wrestling Training with Chavo Guerrero, ‘I Got the Itch!’

Apr 17, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck


Could Triple C become Quadruple C?!?!?!

MMA champ Henry Cejudo has begun training to be a pro wrestler — and his mentor is the legendary Chavo Guerrero!!

Check out the footage of 34-year-old Cejudo putting in some work with the former WWE cruiserweight champ recently at a secret wrestling ring at the Smart Cups offices in Orange County, CA.

Henry’s literally learning the ropes — but the guy is a world-class athlete who previously held titles in TWO different UFC weight classes at the same time!

So, yeah .. he’ll get the hang of this quick.

Plus, UFC fighters tend to do well in the pro wrestling world — just ask Ronda Rousey and Ken Shamrock.

“Chavo is a legend, and I have been learning a lot from him,” Cejudo says … “I have really gotten the itch lately as I feel as I am in fighter shape.”

“I have no doubt Chavo can make me into a world champion in professional wresting.”

Chavo also sees huge potential in Henry — saying, “I have trained all types of actors and wrestlers, but it comes very easy for Henry.”

“Henry is an Olympic champion, double champion in the UFC, and I have no doubt that he can be a WWE or AEW Champion.”

“He has great athletic ability and instincts and really hopes at some point he pursues professional wrestling because he has a natural gift.”

Of course, Henry is still young — and has teased his fans about a possible comeback to the UFC. He also wants to box Floyd Mayweather.

Dude’s clearly got options — it’ll be very interesting to see what he lines up next.

source: TMZ

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