Impact Wrestling Report 4/15/21

Apr 15, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Match 1. TJP vs Josh Alexander

TJP pins the shoulders of Josh to the mat before he powers up to his feet and locks in a standing side headlock before TJP takes him down and grapples with the Canadian. TJP locks in a octopus stretch before Josh hits an electric chair face buster before beating on TJP in the corner and the two exchange strikes until Josh locks in a Gory special. Josh locks in an ankle lock in the ropes before TJP traps him in an upside down triangle before Josh powerbombs TJP onto the apron to get free. TJP scrapes his boot across the face of Josh before hitting a Yakuza kick in the corner and Josh counters the Detonation Kick before TJP locks in an armbar. Josh reverses into an ankle lock before they exchange submission attempts until TJP hits a back drop driver and Josh dodges a Mamba Splash. Josh then locks in an ankle lock before TJP locks in an armbar and Josh powerbombs TJP onto his knee before hitting Divine Intervention for the pin and the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander defeats TJP via pinfall.

– We get a vignette for the impending return of Taylor Wilde.

Match 2. Crazzy Steve (w/ Rosemary & Black Taurus) vs Karl Anderson (w/ Doc Gallows)


Karl immediately goes after Steve before Steve gets several early two counts off of roll ups before Karl opts to regroup with Doc at ringside as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Steve in control as he hits a basement flatliner for two before Doc distracts him and Karl sets Steve on the top turnbuckle before Steve locks in the Upside-down. Karl then comes back with a huge spine buster off of the distraction by Doc for the pin and the win.

Winner: Karl Anderson defeats Crazzy Steve via pinfall.

– Ace and Fulton show up at Swinger’s Place before Petey Williams shows up and recreates the infamous math promo Scott Steiner did with the chain mail on his head and sirens blaring in the background.

– We go to the ring to Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack in the ring who says that they’re seeking revenge for Violent By Design attacking Tommy Dreamer VBD come out onto the stage before EY gets on the mic and says that he’s not a liar and that he approves of what happened to Tommy, but they didn’t attack Tommy. VBD surround the ring before James Storm and Chris Sabin come out and even the odds before the eight men brawl and James and company clear the ring. James then challenges VBD to a match at Rebellion on behalf of himself, Chris, Eddie, and Willie Mack.

– We get a graphic for the retirement ceremony for Jazz up next.

– Backstage Deonna Purrazzo talks to Susan before Scott D’Amore shows up and says that they aren’t allowed to go to the ring for Jazz’s retirement ceremony as we go to commercial.

– We come back from the break to the debut of All About Me, Tenille Dashwood’s new talk show where Tenille is always the guest and a guest hosts to interview her.

– Jazz comes out to the ring accompanied by Jordynne Grace before she gets on the mic and talks about how she came to IMPACT to become Knockouts champion, but failed to at Hardcore Justice. Jazz then talks about teaming together with Jordynne before they’re interrupted by the Knockouts Tag Team champions Fire N’ Flava before Scott makes a match between the four women.

Match 3. Jazz & Jordynne Grace vs Fire N’ Flava

Jordynne immediately takes control of Tasha in the corner before hitting a Vader bomb for an early near fall that Kiera breaks up before Jazz comes in and rocks Kiera with jabs. Jazz then drops Kiera with a right hand before hitting a falcon arrow for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace and Jazz defeat Fire N’ Flava via pinfall.

– After the match Jazz gets on the mic and officially retires before the roster comes out and clap for her including Tommy Dreamer and Gail Kim.

– Backstage Scott argues with FNF before making a title match between the champs and Jordynne and Jazz before Jazz shows up and says that she’s done. Jazz then says that she’s got the right partner for Jordynne before Scott leaves and Jazz and Jordynne leave together.

Thank you to for helping with our technical diffulties.  We are back on.

Pick Your Poison Match

Match 4.  Brian Myers vs Jake Something

Jake manhadles Brian to start the match.  Matt Cordona looks on from the ramp.  Something takes a kick to the midsection, but hits two double axehandles on the ropes and a running shoulder, that send Myers to the outside.  Jake chases after, Myers catches him coming back in the ring with a roster cut.  (Clothesline) He gets the 3 count.

Winner.. Brian Myers

Myers grabs the mic and says it is hard to see with a mask.  Just then Sami Callahan jumps Matt from behind.  After taking Cordona out, we go to break.

Part two the Pick your Poison Match… Match 5. Matt Cordona VS Sami Callahan.

Sami has the upper hand as we begin.  He hits a short arm clothesline for a quick pin attempt, but Matt fights it off and gains the advantage with punches and a knee to the jaw in the corner.  The fight spills outside and the two scratch each others eyes.  Sami hurts his hands smacking the corner post and Matt hits a Russian Leg Sweep into the barricade.  Back in the ring, Cordona goes for a splash, Sami ducks and Matt lands on the arena floor.  Sami follows him out and goes for a suplex, but Matt blocks it.  Sami then bites him.  They begin trading blows until Matt sends Sami back into the barricade.  Matt hits a few punches, but Sami hits a snap t-bone suplex on the floor as we go to break.

Matt hits a reverse DDT as we return.  He then misses Radio Silence.  Sami goes for a piledriver, but Matt blocks it.  Sami tries for another piledriver, but Matt punches his way out.  He climbs Sami in the corner and rannas him.  Sami hits a thumb in the eye and a package piledriver.  The ref missed the eye poke.  He gets the pin.

Winner.  Sami Callahan

Sami grabs the mic.  He stares at his long fingernail.  He then yells out WO WO WO.  He then calls out Trey Miguel. 

Trey walks out and Sami tells him he is proud of him for his actions at Hardcore Justice.  Trey said he did what was right,  but he didn’t do it for Sami.  Sami tells Trey he has a bad temper, but he can help him use the rage to get to the next level.  Sami says shake my hand and join forces to take over.  Trey says absolutely not.  Sami says you were not on the show.  If it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t have been on the show.  He took Dreamer out.  Trey attacks him at this point.  Sami hits a low blow and Trey crumbles.  Sami then clotheslines Trey.  Sami grabs a chair and hits with it several times.  He then places it on the four legs.  Sami then t-bones Trey on the chair.  That was sick to watch.  Sami walks up the ramp.  Sami gives Trey a nod as he struggles to get to his feet.

Fin Juice are shown from NJPW.  They are bragging about their accomplishments overseas.  They are saying they are coming back to face the Good Brothers.

Press Confrence, Contract Signing…  Rich Swann (Impact Unified World Champion) VS Kenny Omega (AEW World Champion)

Scott D’Amore is with Swann.  Tony Khan is with Jerry Lynn on this UFC style press conference.

Outside press ask questions are asked to the panel.  Khan and D’Amore talk about the relationship between the promotions.  They say if a unified champion of both companies is crowned, that champion will defend the belts on both shows.

Everyone is playing nice.. Just then Kenny Omega and Don Callus enter to Omega’s music.  An English correspondent asks an interesting question.  What side is he playing for?  Callus chases on Josh Matthews from the podium.  He raises the praise to Swann, but calls Omega family.  He then calls Omega the best ever.   He calls him to the mic.  Omega says this isn’t new to him.  He has been on stage for big matches before.  This is just another day to him.  Rich is new to this.  He says he understands Rich is probably scared and makes fun of his clothes he is wearing.

He tells Rich you are hear because you like wrestling, but he says Kenny Omega is here to make  change (to the business).  He then tells Swann he doesn’t belong in the match, ring, or anywhere near this history making event.  He implies Swann is simply beneath him.  He says history will prove that Swann was something that should not have been there.

Omega then says he hopes he brings his A game.

Omega then slaps Swann.  Swann attacks him and everyone is pulled apart as the show ends.  Well done segment.



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