Alexa Bliss has a new friend, Firefly Funhouse returns on Raw

Apr 13, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

WrestleMania 37 Night Two opened with Alexa Bliss distracting “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, which helped Randy Orton win their match, Wyatt’s first match since WWE TLC in December. The segment ended with Bliss and The Fiend staring at each other following the apparent betrayal, before they both disappeared to boos from the Raymond James Stadium crowd.

WWE separate segments with Bliss and Wyatt during tonight’s RAW After WrestleMania episode, but it’s still not clear if Bliss and Wyatt are done with each other, or if WWE will follow up on the twist at WrestleMania.

Tonight’s RAW saw Bliss host a new Alexa’s Playground segment. While swinging on her swing, Bliss said WrestleMania 37 was really fun but people are probably wondering why she did what she did. She then told a story that she said may explain a lot. The story was about a little girl who was lost until she was rescued by his darkness. That darkness protected the little girl, nurtured her, and taught her everything she knew, but then the darkness went away and that may have been when the little girl realized she never needed the darkness. Bliss asked about how the little girl felt when she realized she could do everything on her own, and was the darkness helping her or standing in her way? Why else would she use what she was taught to try and destroy the darkness?

While Bliss was talking from her swing, flashes of various segments and moments from the past several months were being shown. Bliss continued and asked if it’s true what they say about the female species being the deadliest. She said we may never know, but one thing we will know for sure is that along the way she unlocked something really evil. She then introduced her new friend – a wild deranged-looking puppet named Lily, who was sitting on the swing next to her.

Bliss said the fun she and Lily are going to have is just getting started. She started laughing to end the segment while the camera gave another up-close look at the crazy puppet, which snarled at the camera.

Later on in the show we saw the return of The Firefly Fun House. The segment started with Wyatt’s various puppets hanging around as Ramblin’ Rabbit introduced Wyatt’s return. Wyatt came through the door laughing and waving at his Fireflies. Wyatt said it felt good to be back in the Fun House, especially with his true friends, which was a knock at Bliss. Abby The Witch said good riddance to Bliss as she couldn’t stand the “little bitch” anyway, which was bleeped out. Rabbit also mentioned how the Fun House will be more roomy without Bliss.

Wyatt continued his promo and said they will always have each other. He said he feels great and that this could be a new start for everyone in the Fun House, it could be a new season with new friends, and a new Wyatt because he fees re-born. Wyatt also teased that “He” will return, an apparent reference to The Fiend. Wyatt went on and mentioned that The Firefly Fun House will be big, bad and strong. He waved goodbye to end the segment.

It remains to be seen how thee new Bliss and Wyatt angles will bring them back together, but it was indicated earlier in the show that Randy Orton is done with them. Orton mentioned in a promo that Bliss and The Fiend are no more and are gone, which means no more mind games for him so he can get back to focusing on the WWE Title.

Stay tuned for more on Bliss and Wyatt. You can see several related photos and videos from tonight’s segment below:

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  1. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    …….I just can’t with these gimmicks > . <

  2. Hans Maulwurf says:

    I hoped that at least they explain this crap from Wrestlemania with Lexi being possessed by Sister Abigail…
    This “I realized that I don’t need The Fiend for being a dark bad girl” is BS.

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