Rhea Ripley talks Raw Women’s Championship win

Apr 12, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

As seen in the video below, new RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley was interviewed by Sarah Schreiber after her big WrestleMania 37 Night Two victory over Asuka.

Ripley was joined by Ash Costello and her band for the interview after they performed her “Brutality” entrance. The band members were wearing Ripley’s ring jackets from some of her bigger matches in the past.

Ripley was asked about the big win and noted that she’s wanted to be a part of WrestleMania since she was a kid.

“Definitely a dream for me tonight,” Ripley said. “Since being a little kid I’ve always wanted to be a part of WrestleMania and I finally got my WrestleMania Moment, in front of a crowd!

“It was super cool stepping out there and not only seeing the crowd and hearing their reactions, but seeing these guys [the band] out there with me. I loved every second of it. I was really trying to soak it all in and trying not to cry, to be honest.”

Schreiber also asked about how Ripley came into RAW on her first night and challenged Asuka to a WrestleMania match, and what the moment is like for her. She responded with some words for her critics.

“It’s absolutely insane to say the least,” Ripley said. “I still can’t get over that my first night on RAW I challenged Asuka, the RAW Women’s Champion, to a championship match at WrestleMania, but at the end of the day, Asuka knows exactly who I am.

“So, there could be people out there that disagree and think that I don’t deserve it, but I’m the one standing here with the RAW Women’s Championship and Asuka knew that I was going to be a challenge, and I know Asuka loves a challenge. So, I was there to pretty much challenge her for it.”

Asuka was not interviewed after the match but she did make a few brief post-show tweets, which you can see below.

Ripley is expected to appear on tonight’s RAW After WrestleMania to begin her reign as champion.

Stay tuned for more on Asuka and Ripley. Below is a clip from their match, along with the post-match interview with Ripley and several post-show tweets from Asuka:

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