News on the finish to Randy Orton vs. The Fiend at WrestleMania

Apr 12, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

WWE reportedly made a late change to the finish of Sunday’s WrestleMania 37 Night Two match between Randy Orton and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

As noted, Night Two opened with Orton defeating The Fiend. The finish saw Alexa Bliss distract The Fiend with the black ooze coming out of her head and covering her face, allowing Orton to hit the RKO from behind for the pin to win. The Fiend then stared at Bliss some more, as she sat on top of the large jack-in-the-box at ringside, until the lights went out and the two disappeared. This led to boos from fans inside Raymond James Stadium, and a significant amount of negative feedback online.

In an update, the plan as of this past Friday was for The Fiend to defeat Orton at WrestleMania, according to Fightful Select.

The finish was changed some time over the weekend, making Orton the winner. It was noted that people associated with the storyline were never given an endgame at any point, past the fact that it would write Orton off WWE TV for a good period of time.

A “surprise finish” was reportedly pitched over the weekend, and word is that WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, and Senior Vice President Bruce Prichard, were instrumental in the change and the final decision making. WWE officials seemed happy with the finish as it played out, but there are wrestlers within WWE who are very confused about what happened.

There is no word yet on what WWE has planned for Bliss and The Fiend, or if Orton will still take time away from WWE. WWE continues to focus on the fact that Bliss may have caused The Fiend to lose. This was Wyatt’s first bout since losing the Firefly Inferno Match to Orton at WWE TLC on December 20.

Stay tuned for more.

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7 Responses

  1. April Fangria says:

    It was a really bad finish and got the second night off to a bad start. Biggest complaint was The Fiend was dropped with a single RKO after taking major bumps during the match from Orton with no effect.

  2. Joseph says:

    I didn’t have a problem with the finish or the fact that he was beat after single RKO. The way Alexa Bliss looked it makes me think that maybe she was supposed to be possessed by Sister Abigail and that she caused his loss.

  3. What? says:

    Raw seems to have partially confirmed that – kind of a “the student has surpassed the master” type angle. Which could be weird (especially depending on what/who “Lily” ends up being), but that’s par for the course for this storyline.

  4. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    Pretty sure now Alexia Bliss has more pin fall wins over Orton than The Fiend does. In any event, it was a bad idea to have Orton go over. The Fiend has now lost every, and i mean EVERY major angle he’s been booked in, and the Fire Fly Funhouse Segment on Raw was just bizarre for the sake of being bizarre. But this is what the WWE is hellbent on doing. If something is over with the fans (The Fiend, The Hurt Business) the WWE does what it can to put an end to it. It has to be said, WWE booking has reached WCW levels of bad.

  5. Revan says:

    @Disgruntled Jobber – Oh right, I forgot that The Fiend didn’t actually beat Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel and didn’t actually beat Daniel Bryan at two consecitive PPVs to retain that championship. Since he’s lost every, and you mean EVERY major angle he’s been booked in.

    I’m not defending WWE, I’m just pointing out that you’re trying way too hard to push a narrative.

  6. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    Crown Jewel, not a major PPV of note. His title reign was short and unremarkable. Take away that short run, and yes, he has lost in every feud. And there’s what you don’t get. You cannot seriously book someone as an indestructible being and have them lose as much (and in the ways) that they’ve booked him to lose. Braun is another example. They bill him as a “monster” but he’s feuding with Shane. To me, Braun is just another unremarkable big guy in a long line of unremarkable big guys.

  7. Stonz says:

    It’s like when Bruce Prichard says a guy doesn’t need a title to be an attraction…. The Fiend doesn’t necessarily need to “win” matches because he himself is the attraction.

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