Teddy Hart involved in controversy at GCW Events

Apr 11, 2021 - by James Walsh

Teddy Hart was embroiled in some more controversy during the weekend as Fightful reports that he showed up at GCW’s The Collective events without a mask.

He also made appearances in the locker room, where John Wayne Murdoch threatened to beat him up for showing up. He showed up uninvited to ICW No Holds Barred Pitfighter X: Battle of the Tough Guys yesterday, but IWTV announced he was removed from the building. At one point, Chris Dickinson took a photo with Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr, which caused a backlash online. He later posted a video apologizing and explaining himself.

He said: “I want to be as transparent as possible about the whole with this stupid photo. I absolutely regret taking this photo. It was a pour lapse of judgment on my part. Teddy shouldn’t have been in the locker room, no matter how long or quick it was. I shouldn’t have taken a photo with Ted and I completely regret it. I’m sincerely remorseful and I hope people can accept my apology. It was in poor judgment and a bad lapse of judgment on my part. Please, understand, Ted Hart is not my friend. I do not support him or condone what he’s done or anything about him. In that moment, I was not thinking before I decided ‘Yeah, I’ll take a picture with you.’ I’m sorry.”

Teddy Hart was put in jail back in February on charges of evading arrest, injuring child/elderly/disabled, and possession of controlled substances.

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