4/11/21 ROH TV Report

Apr 11, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

ROH TV opens up with our host Quinn McKay as she runs down the card tonight as The Foundation vs. MexiSquad in the main event and Delirious vs. Rocky Romero will open up the show.

Our commentators are Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman. The ring announcer for the night is Bobby Cruise. The officials for the night are Joe Mandak (Match 1) & Todd Sinclair (Match 2).

This is the 499th episode of ROH TV as next week for the 500th episode we will see Jay Lethal challenge Jonathan Gresham for the ROH Pure Championship. Also for the main event Jay Briscoe will face Mark Briscoe.

Our judges for the Pure Rules matchup tonight are Gary Juster, Sumie Sakai & Will Ferrara.

We see Delirious cutting a promo in japanese as he respects Romero but… they have had wars in the past and he wears a scar above his right eye because of him. He will wrestle him and go back to seclusion, his scars may make him to hurt Romero. Romero speaks as he mentions the Pure tournament as he reflects the past as himself & Delirious both debuted the same day in ROH. He admits that he was an asshole in the old school ROH days, so he may have to tap into it. He mentions how Delirious sits in the basement and wrestles once in a great while but he has busted his as in NJPW. He mentions how he’d like to become the Pure Champion and defend it all over the world. He finishes with see you soon.

Match #1: Rocky Romero defeated Delirious in a Pure Rules matchup with a diablo armbar with only 9 seconds remaining in the match. (Delirious used 2 rope breaks as Romero only used 1 rope break)

We see a recap of 19th Anniversary as the new stable of Brody King, Tony Deppen, Chris Dickinson & Homicide went at LFI. After that video package we see a promo from Mark Briscoe on how he’s been upset not just with his brother Jay but PCO with the wasted tag team title shot. He said his Dad taught them that the only way they’ll be able to team again is to go at it. Jay said let’s get it in.

After the promo Quinn McKay interviews MexiSquad but she is confused in the end and the Foundation cut their own promo before the match.

Match #2: The Foundation (Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham) defeated MexiSquad (Flamita & Bandido) as Flamita & Bandido turned on one another and Lethal made Bandido tap out to the figure-4 leg lock as Flamita watched and let it go down. The Foundation shakes the hand of Bandido as Flamita walks away.

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