Video: Scarlett and Shotzi Blackheart form music group with Harley Cameron

Apr 10, 2021 - by Staff

WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Shotzi Blackheart and NXT manager Scarlett have joined up with singer Harley Cameron to form a new music group.

The group has released their premiere single called “Indestructible” and the music video, which you can see below. The song, which is also available on Spotify, was released by Interstreet Recordings on behalf of CGT Productions.

Cameron is also known as Danielle Glanville. She is the fiancée of former Australian rugby star Daniel Vidot, who is also known as NXT Superstar Xyon Guinn. He signed with WWE back in May 2018.

Blackheart noted earlier tonight before the reveal, “Tonight we are releasing something we put alot of heart into. This project and these 2 women remind me that I’m INDESTRUCTIBLE even when I feel weak.”

She added in a follow-up post after the premiere, “@danni_ellexo @realscarlettbordeaux and I are excited to share with you the music video premiere of our brand new single ‘Indestructible’ directed by @LeezaAshley”

Scarlett, who is in a relationship with new NXT Champion Karrion Kross, also wrote on Instagram, “Harley, Shotzi and I are so excited to share with you the music video premiere of our brand new single “Indestructible” directed by @LeezaAshley”

Cameron noted in her Instagram post that the song means so much to them, and is being released after a lot of hard work.

She wrote, “ITS HERE [hearts emoji] Scarlett Shotzi and I are excited to announce we have officially released our song #indestructible, This song means so much to us and everyone involved has worked so hard on this and we are ready to share with the world! Filmed by @leezaashley Produced by @cvrrentmusic @goldenchildmusic @trllkennedy”

There’s no word on what the trio has planned for the future, or is they are working on an album, but we will keep you updated.

You can see their “Indestructible” music video below, along with photos from their recent shoot:

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