Things you can do and cannot do inside the RJS this weekend at WrestleMania

Apr 10, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

If you are attending WrestleMania in person today or tomorrow, there are several coronavirus-related things you need to know and expected to do inside Raymond James Stadium.

This is WWE’s first event with fans in over a year and the last thing the company needs is bad publicity from a super-spreader event. Every person who is attending the show have to complete and sign a waiver which basically lets WWE, the stadium, and partners off the hook if you get COVID-19. Simply put, you cannot sue.

Masks will be mandatory during the whole event and a KN95 mask will be distributed to all fans upon entry. If you prefer to cover the mask with something nicer, you can double mask-up by putting a WrestleMania face mask which is available for sale at the stadium. You are expected to wear the mask at all times unless you’re eating or drinking. Stadium staff will be monitoring fans to make sure everyone is wearing a mask and social distancing.

Temperature checks will be administered to everyone going in so we suggest you go early as the line will be long and probably slow. And if you’re going early, you cannot tailgate inside the parking lot. That is prohibited so just get in line and wait patiently.

If you’re thinking of carrying anything with you, don’t. There will be zero bags allowed inside the stadium, including the clear WWE Shop bags. The smallest thing you can carry inside is a 4.5″ x 6.5″ bag/pouch. Leave everything in your car or else you’re going to have to make the trip back to the parking lot to dump your stuff.

Forget wandering around and meeting fellow fans around the stadium once inside. You will not be congregating anywhere except in your seats.

And if you’re thinking of buying food, drink, and merchandise, you better have a credit or debit card as no cash will be accepted. All items sold will go through contactless transactions.

We suggest you download the WrestleMania app for iOS or Android if you’re going to be there where more regs are explained and you can also fill out the COVID-19 questionnaire on it.

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