Hardcore Justice

Apr 10, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

Impact Wrestling presents Hardcore Justice live on FITE! & Impact Plus.

Our commentators for the night are Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown as they welcome us to a Tommy Dreamer production, Hardcore Justice.

The event opens up with a package of Eric Young confronting Tommy Dreamer by saying he’s a survivor & he’s become his true self and that is Violent by Design. He says Dreamer has profited off the blood and broken bones of others to get where he is.

Match #1: Josh Alexander & Petey Williams defeated TJP/Fallah Bahh & Ace Austin/Madman Fulton in a 3-Way Tag Team match as Alexander made Bahh submit from an ankle lock.

Next up the commentators run down the card for the night.

Match #2: Shera defeated Hernandez in a Chairly Legal match after Rohit Raju hit Hernandez with a chair. Rohit raises the hand of Shera after the match.

Next up we see Alex Shelley & James Storm gambling at Swinger’s Palace. XXXL arrives and challenge them to a match but James Storm says it’ll be a drinking game. Matt Cardona shows up and Swinger makes fun of Cardona because of his action figure collecting & Cardona says he’s just mad because he’s been around so long but he doesn’t have a single action figure. Dreamer then pops out of the corner and screams match time, so they’ll be in action later tonight in a mystery crate Great American Bash match.

Match #3: Doc Gallows (w/ Karl Anderson) defeated Black Taurus (w/Crazzy Steve & Rosemary) by hitting a sit-out chokebomb for the pinfall.

Another promo by Violent by Design airs they say that they’ll rid this world of the disease by starting with their opponents tonight. This world doesn’t belong to them but us.

Match #4: Matt Cardona defeated Johnny Swinger (w/ the Swingerella’s) in a mystery crate Great American Bash match after hitting radio silence.

We see a flashback of a classic Hardcore Justice match in 2010 as Rob Van Dam defeated Sabu.

Next up we see the drinking game between Storm/Shelley & XXXL. After the vignette Sami Callihan makes his way to the ring to say there is a common minconception on him because people think that he is a bad guy. He says that he isn’t a bad guy, he just wants to save people from themselves and bring out the best out of them just like he is doing with Trey Miguel. He then says he wants to be on Hardcore Justice so he makes an open challenge as Sam Beale comes out…

Match #5: Sami Callihan defeated Sam Beale with a package Piledriver.

A video package airs next for the Brian Myers & Jake Something match tonight as they’ll compete in a Hardcore Blindfold match next.

Match #6: Jake Something defeated Brian Myers in a Hardcore Blindfold match after hitting the swinging sideslam after Cardona slid the mystery crate from earlier in the night to Something that was full of action figures.

Team Dreamer is up next to cut a promo on Violent by Design as they are ready for war. Swann cuts a fired up promo on how himself & Willie Mack has the back of Tommy D tonight.

Match #7: Tenille Dashwood defeated Rosemary, Su Yung, Jordynne Grace, Havok & Alisha in a #1 Contender Knockouts Weapon Match after Kaleb helped Tenille take out Grace with a superkick so Tenille covered Havok in the ring.

We return to the drinking game backstage as the match has now become beer pong and then a brawl breaks out as Storm & Shelley take out a trashed XXXL.

Next up a promo airs of Deonna Purrazzo as she says without Jazz there wouldn’t be a Knockouts Title or she wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for her. Jazz then says she will become Knockouts champion so she has no problem putting her career on the line.

Match #8: Deonna Purrazzo retained the Impact Knockouts Title & retired Jazz in a old school rules match. After the match Jordynne Grace comes out to help Jazz backstage while our commentators both thank the legendary legacy of Jazz

Before the Hardcore War match begins we see everyone surrounding Tommy Dreamer backstage as he’s been laid out. The doctor says until he knows what’s wrong then he isn’t clearing him. Scott D’Amore then tells Eddie Edwards to head to the ring for the match.

Match #9: Violent by Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering, Rhino & Deaner defeated Team Dreamer (Trey Miguel, Rich Swann, Eddie Edwards & Willie Mack) as Young pinned Mack after hitting the Piledriver

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