Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 6 Report

Apr 8, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

GCW presents Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 6 live at the Cuban Club in Tampa, Florida. The event is presented by NEFT, Ultra Premium Vodka.

We are live as our ring announcer Rich Palladino introduces & brings out each competitor tonight as the crowd cheers them on. He then goes over the rules for Bloodsport & introduces the officials for the night. Max Bretos & Blake Troop are the commentators for the night.

Bout #1: “KZT” Karen Tran defeated Janai Kai via submission by a mounted armbar.

Bout #2: Matt Makowski defeated Heddi Karaoui via an armbar.

Bout #3: Bad Dude Tito defeated Victor Benjamin (w/ Lady Frost) via submission with a heel hook.

Bout #4: Simon Grimm defeated Alexander James via submission with a modified wrist lock.

Bout #5: Alex Coughlin defeated Royce Isaacs with a single leg crab. (There will most likely be a rubber match in the future since each individual has a victory over each other).

Bout #6: Super Beast defeated Shlak via DQ (Shlak kept biting on the foot of Beast to get disqualified).

Next up we see a Tony D Joint vignette for Orange Crush: Volume 2 with the theme song Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter.

Bout #7: Allysin Kay defeated Masha Slamovich via referee stoppage with a triangle lock mixed with repetitive strikes.

Bout #8: Lio Rush defeated Yoya via submission with a anaconda vise.

Bout #9: Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated KTB (Kyle the Beast) via KO with a sit-out Powerbomb.

Bout #10: Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Rocky Romero via referee stoppage after a snow plow into ground pounds.

Bout #11: Chris Dickinson defeated Shane Mercer via submission with an armbar.

Bout #12: Josh Barnett defeated Jon Moxley due to referee stoppage after he couldn’t continue the match. After the match Barnett cuts a promo by asking the fans if this is enough blood and sport for the fans. He says they’ll keep getting it and Moxley damn sure didn’t come here for the pay, that’s for sure. Everyone is here to fight from their hearts. Everyone is in this together because the fans keep showing up. Moxley grabs the mic and says let me speak since everybody came to see me mother f**ker. He says Barnett is right because catch phrases don’t mean shit because he’s never come up with one. He congratulates the crew and everyone in the back for performing to their best abilities tonight & then he thanks the fans for spending their hard earned money to spend it to see the performers.

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