Impact Report 4/8/21

Apr 8, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.  The Good Brothers and AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega will face Impact World Champion, Rich Swann, Willie Mack and Eddie Edwards in the Main Event!

D’Lo Brown and Matt Stryker are on the call once again!

Match 1.  Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb w/ a K), Neveah and Alisha Edwards VS Rosemary  (with Decay), Jordynne Grace, and Havok

The tag team breakup of Havok and Neveah will be one of the main stories in this match.  Havok looks sad, but ready for revenge.

Grace and Alisha start off for their teams.  Edwards gets two quick pin attempts off school boy rollups.  Grace finally hits a tackle, slam and a jackhammer suplex.  Rosemary tags in and hits a clothesline into a fall away slam.  Tenille tags in (not wanting too).  She just bails the ring, but Rosemary chases her into the rest of Decay.  Havok joins them outside and works Tenille over on the outside.  She sets her up on a table for Rosemary, but Kaleb saves her.   Jordynne hits a dive on him from the outside.  Grace gets jumped by Tenille as she enters.  She makes the tag to Neveah.  Grace is trapped in the wrong corner.  Grace fights out and tags Rosemary.  Rosemary spears Alisha and splashes her in the corner.  After a suplex, Rosemary locks on the Octopus on the ropes.  Alisha breaks the hold and hits a few punches and a unprettier.  Rosemary hits atomic drop.  Neveah tags in and her and Havok start punching each other even though Havok isn’t in the ring.  They fight to the apron and fall backwards onto a table.  Rosemary hits a Red Wedding (F5) and gets the win.

Winners..  Rosemary, Grace and Havok

Matt Cardona is asked backstage about Brian Myers decision to not face him.  He then says he asked for a match tonight.  Scott D’Amore set up a match between he and Jake Something.

Match 2.  Matt Cardona VS Jake Something

The two start off feeling each other out.  Tests of strength and tackles are the basic moves set.  Josh heads to the floor for a powder and Matt basement dropkicks him to the outside.  Jake hits the floor hard and gets up angry.  They re-enter the ring and Jake takes control of the match.  He whips Matt into the corner and splashes him.  Jake goes for a suplex and Matt reverses the move into a neckbreaker.  Jake recovers and pushes Matt shoulder first into the corner. He misses a running shoulder and Matt connects with a running knee.  Matt goes for Radio Silence and rannas Jake to the floor.

Just then Brian Myers runs in and attacks Cardona on the ramp.  He then turns to Jake and takes him out before he can make the save.  Myers then drops Matt on the ramp again.  He then says he wants to face Cardona this Saturday on PPV.

No Winner

Trey and XXXL have a exchange backstage.  Larry and Acey make fun of him.  Trey lets them walk off without saying much.

Violent By Design have a vignette.  EY blames Deaner for his loss last week.  He knows failure has consequences.  He will make up for his failures in a match tonight.

Match 3.  XXXL VS Sami Callihan and Trey Miguel

Trey heads out last. He doesn’t seem to be standing with Sami, but against XXXL non the less.  He starts off with Larry D, who starts off with a advantage.  Trey fights off both members of XXXL.  He goes for a dive on both, but Sami makes a blind tag.

Back from break, Trey is in the ring and hits a jumping DDT on Larry D.  Sami tags in and he and Sami argue, leading Trey to tag back in.  They double team Acey.  Then Sami and Trey criss cross the ring and dive to both members of XXXL on the outside.  Trey then locks on the Hour Glass Submission and Larry taps.

Winners.. Trey and Sami

Trey runs off, but it is clear, they are a good tag team when on the same page.

Back at Swingers Palace, Storm, Sabin and Chris Harris are playing poker.  Storm and Sabin leave and give Harris all their chips..  Storm tells him to win some Beer Money.  They all laugh.

Match 4.  Chris Sabin (w/ James Storm) VS Deaner (by himself)

Sabin hits a shoulder block and a backslide for a two count.  Deaner is lost over Sabin’s speed.  Sabin hits crazy pin attempts, that have Deaner lost, and me.  I can’t keep up.  Deaner grabs the hair and pulls Sabin to the corner.  He starts working Sabin over with forearms to the face right in from of Storm.  Sabin then gets to his feet, only to get slammed and pinned for a count of two.

Sabin tries a running forearm, but misses and Deaner hits a running dropkick for a two count.  Deaner goes back to the neck, which is apparently injured.  They cross the ring on a whip and both hit a cross body.  Sabin hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip and boot to the face.  He follows up with a suplex and a two count.

Sabin goes to the top and hits a cross body, but Deaner rolls threw for a two count.  This match is fast.  Deaner hits a snake eyes in the corner and a high knee.. then a power bomb.  Great move set.

Deaner got another two count, but Sabin kick out and somehow hit a spinning version of a One Winged Angel and get the pin.

Winner, Chris Sabin

Now we see the trap.  Chris Harris is bloody backstage.  Rhino hits the rings and Gores everyone.  EY is over Harris at Swingers Palace with Joe Doering and blames Chris Sabin for this.

Madman Fulton and Ace Austin are backstage with Josh Alexander and TJP, talking about their match at Hardcore Justice, this Saturday at 3pm.  Tommy Dreamer steps in says they will be in another match at Hardcore Justice.  Josh Alexander and TJP will have mystery partners in a triple threat tag match.

A Jazz vignette airs next.  She goes over her entire career in depth.  They even talk about WWF/WWE runs as Women’s Champion.  They get into the match with Deonna Purrazzo.

Deonna Purrazzo is interviewed backstage.  Deonna is emotional when talking about, what she calls the match of her career.  She says brick by brick, she is building a new vision for the women.  Gia, the interviewer, blames her partners for giving Deonna an advantage.  Deonna says Kimber Lee and Susan will not be at ringside for this match.  She says she will retire Jazz.

Brian Myers is approached to Tommy Dreamer.  He books he and Jake Something in a Blind Games Match.  This is a blind fold match.  This card is going to have a very ECW theme for sure.

Match 5.  Willie Mack, Eddie Edwards and Impact Unified World Champion, Rich Swann VS The Good Brothers and AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega (with Don Callus)

Swann comes out brandishing the TNA and Impact belts over his shoulder.

The Good Brothers come out very much looking in full Bullet Club mode.  Callus comes out next to the song they always play before weddings.  LOL.  He cuts the music and gives a ridiculous intro for Kenny Omega.  Omega comes out after a 3 minute intro.

The match finally begins with Swann and Omega.  Omega jumped him before the bell.   Swann fights back and runs the ropes, but the Good Brothers trip him from the outside.  Swann recovers and takes them both out.  Mack takes a leap from the outside on the floor and Edwards follows.  Everyone is laid out, as we go to break.

Anderson and Gallows are trading tags and working over Eddie, as we return.  Omega tags and hits a double axe handle off the top.  Stryker is being very biased against Gallows and Anderson.  He says they are a bad influence on children, which is true.  Gallows is back in and locks on a rear chin lock on Eddie.  Eddie stands out and they begin trading blows.  Eddie hits a dropkick that down Gallows.  Both make a tag.  Mack hits Anderson with a clothesline and leg drop.  He then hits a couple Samoan Drops on Omega and Anderson.  He then Moonsaults them both.  Gallows tags  Anderson, as he rolls to the corner.  Omega exits and Gallows goes on the offensive with a choke hold.  We go to break.

Omega hits a running elbow on the downed Mack, as we return.  Anderson tags in.  He hits a back elbow, then misses a high knee in the corner.  They both struggle to make a tag, only Gallows is tagged in,  Willie failed.  Gallows drags him to his corner and he and Omega work him over as Anderson recovers.  Mack tries to fight his way out, but Gallows is too much.  Omega tags in and stomps him and hits a basement dropkick to the back.  Mack gets to his feet, and Omega punches and chops him back to his corner.  Omega hits a snap mare into a rear chin lock.

Mack gets to his feet.  Omega goes for a slam, but it is blocked and reversed.  Anderson enters and Mack hits a double clothesline on both of them.  Swann tags in and he starts kicking everyone.  Mack enters and they double team Omega with a face plant.  Eddie tags in, but Omega Ranna’s him.  Gallows and Anderson enter without a tag.  They Triple team Eddie for a two count.  Gallows and Anderson clear the ring and Omega misses on a V Trigger.  Swann enters and then everyone starts coming in and doing high spots.  Eddie is finally left in the ring with The Good Brothers and Kenny.  They hit a triple splash, but Swann makes the save.

Eddie makes a tag and Swann is left in the ring with Omega.  Omega goes for the One Winged Angel, Swann gets out and hits a moonsault.  Callus pulls  Omega out from the pin.  Anderson hits a F5 for a two count.  Gallows enters and they go for the Magic Killer.  Mack makes the save.   Swann hits a Phoenix Splash on Anderson and gets the pin.

Winners.  Mack, Edwards and Rich Swann

The Good Brothers and Omega leave yelling back at the winners as they celebrate in the ring.  Swann holds both the Impact and TNA belts high as the show ends.  The story of the match is that Swann can get out of the One Winged Angel.

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