Poppy to perform during Night Two of NXT TakeOver

Apr 6, 2021 - by Staff

Poppy is set to return to WWE NXT at Night Two of the “Takeover: Stand and Deliver” event.

Billboard reports that Poppy will perform and debut a new song during Thursday’s show.

“Music has always been such a big part of WWE,” said Triple H. “Music adds so much to the emotion of what it is we do and that connection has been there since the very beginning when you had the rock and wrestling connection with Cyndi Lauper as part of the WWE.”

This will be Poppy’s fourth live NXT performance. She has also offered multiple theme songs for past NXT events.

Triple H told Billboard that Poppy is “custom built” for NXT, so they immediately reached out after his team introduced her music to him.

“NXT, a two-hour weekly live show, caters to a younger demographic and we typically have up-and-coming talent that we’ve been able to expose them in a bigger way to the world outside of their genre. It’s a great platform for her and it’s great for us,” he said.

Triple H also talked about rapper Bad Bunny working WrestleMania 37, teaming with Damian Priest to face The Miz and John Morrison. He mentioned how Poppy also wants to get in the ring.

“Bunny finds himself at a place in his career where he can just say I want to be in the WWE and that’s amazing to me,” Triple H adds. “He got a place in Orlando and he’s been training three times a week for the past three months. He has taken it so seriously. I love those collaborations. And Poppy is like Bunny in the way that every time I see her, she wants to get in the ring and wrestle and start training.”

As noted, Night One of Takeover will see Alice Cooper guitarist Nina Strauss return to NXT to perform the National Anthem.

Stay tuned for more on Takeover and be sure to join us for live coverage tomorrow night. Below are related tweets from Poppy and Triple H:

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