Bea Priestly Finishes Up with STARDOM

Apr 5, 2021 - by James Walsh

It was reported yesterday that Bea Priestley said farewell to the STARDOM audience after their latest show, noting that it was her last match in Japan. This confirms rumors from last month that her contract was almost up.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, it was reported that Bea Priestley has not signed with NJPW or STARDOM and is planning to go back to the UK. Other than that, she is keeping quiet on what her future plans are. Dave Meltzer noted that she is likely headed to NXT UK and said that it is “for sure” not AEW.

WWE has been interested in Priestley since before she went to Japan, and since she is not telling anyone her plans, the belief is that is because she is headed to WWE.

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