Impact Report, 3/30/21

Mar 30, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us now for up to the minute updates from tonight’s episode of Impact WrestlingMatt Stryker and D’Lo Brown bring us the action!

Kenny Omega and Don Callus will be on hand to hype the match between he and Rich Swann in a AEW World Champion VS Impact World Champion title vs title showdown at Rebellion.  The show begins with a highlight package of the two champions.

Match 1.  Havok and Nevaeh VS Knockouts tag team champions, Fire and Flava (Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan)

Havok and Hogan start of verbally jabbing at each other.  Hogan goes for a kick and Hogan just tosses her aside and hits a reverse Russian Leg Sweep.  Hogan topples into Nevaeh in the corner.  Nevaeh tags in and lays in some shoulders in the corner and then a basement dropkick.  Havok tags back in and they double team her in the corner with tandem splashes.  Hogan squirms away and Steelz tags in and gains the advantage.  She hits a kick and blow to the back.  Hogan tags back in and gets a one count.  Steelz tags back in and lays in the boots and chokes Havok on the bottom rope.  Steelz slows the match down with a rear chin lock.  Havok gets to her feet, Steelz pulls her hair, bringing Havok back to the mat.  Hogan tags back in and goes back to the chin lock.

Havok finally catches Hogan going off the top rope and slams her.  Nevaeh makes the hot tag and gets a two count off a suplex.  Steelz is now in and hits a back cracker.  Havok tags in and hits a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Havok then goes for one on Hogan, but she reverses it.  Steelz comes in and they double team Havok after taking out Nevaeh.  Steelz hits a top rope splash and Hogan gets the pin on Havok.

Winners and still Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Fire and Flava

Havok and Nevaeh hug in the ring, Havok goes to leave and Nevaeh attacks her from behind.  She lays in several punches and then hits a version of the DDT.  She then tells Havok she is the weak link and leaves.

James Storm is interviewed backstage about his match with Eric Young.  This will be James 1000th match with Impact Wrestling.  Storm tells a story of how he and Chris Harris got their start at Impact as a tag team, America’s Most WantedBob Ryder passes away recently and Storm dedicated the match tonight to him.  Chris Sabin and Josh Something come out and say they have a surprise for Storm.  Storm turns around and Chris Harris is standing in front of him.  They stare at each other for a few tense seconds and then hug.  They all agree it is time to go and get the job done.

Deonna Purrazzo, the Knockouts Champion, and Susan are interviewed backstage.  Susan verbally lays the trash talk on Jazz.  Out of nowhere, Jazz attacks Susan with a garbage can.  Purrazzo runs off.

Match 2.  Sami Callihan VS Larry D (with Acey Romero)

Sami tries to attack Larry right from the start, but Larry is ready and holds his ground.  They trade blows and Sami finally gains an advantage and Larry spills to the outside.  Sami tries unsuccessfully to launch himself to the outside, but Larry catches and plants him on the apron hard, as we go to break.

Larry is in control as we return.  He throws Sami to the outside.  Sami takes a few punches and then fights back with a few kicks to the midsection.  Larry downs Sami with a heavy forearm.  Larry then gets very aggressive on the floor, pummeling Sami.  Back in the ring, Sami takes a back elbow and running forearm.  Sami pulls hair and hits a few chops.  Larry follows up with a monster clothesline.  He gets a long two count after a running splash.  Sami gets to his feet and starts laughing at Larry.  The two trade blows then.   Sami then hits a Death Valley Driver for a two count.  Larry looks like he landed hard on his neck.

Both end up on the apron.  Larry blocks a piledriver.  Sami and Larry then start trading chops and headbutts.  Sami slips in the ring and digs into Larry’s eyes.  Larry is blinded.  Sami then drapes Larry over the second rope and uses the ropes to Piledrive Larry and get the pin.

Winner.  Sami Callihan

Acey gets a measure of revenge post match.. but Sami continues laughing.

They show Impact Tag Team Champions, Fin Juice defending the World Tag Team Championship overseas in Japan.  The Good Brothers are shown in the back with Don Callus and Kenny Omega.  Callus is ribbing the former champs as they are watching the highlight video on a tv.  Callus sends The Good Brothers on a secret mission.  Callus and Omega want to go back to watching One Winged Angel’s laying out everyone.  The Good Brothers like their assignment and leave on a mission.

Sami confronts Trey Miguel backstage.  He asks Trey why he didn’t help him when XXXL attacked him post match.  Trey gets irate.  Sami wants to Trey’s mentor.  Trey doesn’t want to do it.  He asks him to be his partner next week in a match against XXXL.  Sami leaves and Trey looks completely pissed off.

Match 3.  Brian Myers VS Suicide

Suicide starts the match outwrestling the Most Professional Wrestler, Brian Myers.  Myers finally gains an advantage with some punches.  Suicide misses on a suplex and Myers hits one of his own.  Stryker and D’Lo are setting up a potential feud between Myers and Matt Cardona.  Myers suplex and then a Roster Cut for the win.

Winner.. Brian Myers

Myers grabs the mic and addresses Cardona.  Myers says he will not face Matt.  Cardona is not bringing anything to the table.  He says he is the franchise of Impact and his future doesn’t include him.

Jazz approaches Tommy Dreamer backstage.  Tommy suggests a stip match with Purrazzo to get a title match.  Jazz will put her career on the line to get a shot at the title.  Dreamer tells her not to do that.  Jazz says it is already done.  Tommy tells her not to lose, as she walks off.

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone are back for another AEW paid for advertisement.  Khan continues his heal persona, as he talks up AEW, while talking down Impact.  He tells Impact Wrestling fans he controls Kenny Omega’s contract, so when he wins the Impact World Title, he will in fact control Impact as well.  Khan says he is the most powerful man in wrestling.  Schiavone runs down the card on Dynamite tomorrow.   Christian Cage will make his debut for AEW.

Back at Swinger’s Palace, Omega and Callus enter the club.  Bravo is delivering cards, but has to pee.  Swinger hands him a solo cup.  Callus asks what the gambling action on the Swann Omega match.  Callus throws 20 Grand on Omega.

Match 4.  TJP and Josh Alexander VS Madman Fulton and Ace Austin (X-Division Champion)

TJP and Josh argue who gets to start the match.  They are not a team, this could get heated.  Fulton starts off against Alexander and Fulton pulls him to their corner.  He and Ace double team him.  Josh works his way out of the corner and locks on a headlock.  Fulton hits a suplex from the position.  Ace tags in and he and Alexander go back and forth, with either hitting a move, but trying just about everything.  Fulton finally hits Josh from behind.  TJP enters and they take out Fulton.  Alexander still doesn’t like TJP entering and they argue more.   Ace is now in with TJP.  Ace hits a wicked kick after Fulton interferes from the apron.  Fulton’s reach is a huge advantage.

Fulton enters and lifts TJP up by the neck to the top rope then drops him.  Fulton and Ace then start using some tandem offense.  They look like a team, well oiled.  They are a modern day Shawn and Diesel.

Josh tags in after TJP finally gets free.  He suplexes the massive, Fulton.   Fulton then hits a backdrop, when Josh tries to powerbomb him.  Fulton sets up Josh vertically for Ace, but TJP makes the save.  TJP hits the boot wash in the corner to Ace.  He and Josh then double team Fulton in the corner.  Alexander tosses him out of the ring.  Ace hits several kick but missed the Fold on Josh.  TJP hits the Mamba Splash on Ace.  They argue over who gets to pin Ace.  Josh leave to the outside.. Ace schoolboys TJP for the win.

Winners.  Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.

TJP and Josh Alexander continue bickering.

Don Callus approaches Willie Mack backstage.  He tells him he is a big talent.  He then makes fun of him for dipping.  Callus then shows the video of Swann taking the One Winged Angel to Mack on his phone.  Swann then walks in.  He tells Callus he is not going to get in his head.  Swann uses some colorful language.  Callus asks him not to use bad words because he is his boss.  Swann says he wants to slap him.  Callus says for the next 10 minutes he is old school Don Callus.  They need to settle this.  Just then Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers attack Swann and Mack from behind.  Eddie Edwards makes the save.

Rohit Raju approaches Hernandez outside.  He says they are a tag team now.   Hernandez says get to stepping unless you have cash for services.  He runs off Rohit.

Violent by Design have a promo next.  EY does all the talking, bringing up James Storm and how he will face him tonight.  He says he will teach James tonight the world belongs to them, Violent By Design.

Tommy Dreamer gathers the crew together for some type of town hall meeting.  He says Jazz will face Deonna for the Knockouts Championship.  Tommy asks Susan about her friend Su.  Susan freaks out and leaves.   Tommy announces a women’s match will all the ladies.  Weapons will be aloud.  Tenille Dashwood hates this.  Havok and Rosemary think it is wonderful.  Alisha Edwards annoys Tommy with a bunch of questions, as the segment ends.

Main Event.  Match 5.  EY (with Violent By Design, Cody, Rhino and Joe Doering) VS James Storm (with Chris Sabin, Josh Something and Chris Harris)

This looks more like a lumberjack match from a distance.  Storm and EY feel each other out with tie ups.  This doesn’t last long and they start trading blows until they start crossing the ropes and Storm hits and elbow, knee drop and leg drop.  He eventually locks on a headlock.  Next Storm hits a few knees to the mid section and forearms.  Cody gets Storms attention from the outside, giving EY a second to ram Storms head into the turnbuckle from the apron.  Storm then tumbles to the arena floor and all sides circle him as we go to break.

EY is in control as we return.  EY is looking confident.  He slams Storm into the buckle again.  Storms hits a elbow off a whip.  He then misses on a swinging DDT from the top rope, EY actually reverses then and suplexes Storm into the corner. This was a wicked cool move set.  EY has Storm hurt and he taunts his friends on the outside.

Storm somehow recovers after taking a headlock.  He hits a running neck breaker.  Both are struggling to get to their feet.  Stryker and D’Lo bring up the move to Thursdays.

Storm hits The Eye of the Storm, but EY kicks out.   EY then hits a neck breaker of his own  He then hits a picture perfect Macho Man elbow from the top rope for a two count.  EY then hits a Superkick for another two count.  Eric is becoming frustrated.

Storm gets to his feet and the two start trading blows.  Storm hits a Code Breaker, but Cody breaks up the hold.  Storm gets tossed to the outside by EY.  Everyone start brawling.  Harris turns his attention to EY and connects with a huge left.  EY re-enters under the ropes.  he slowly gets to his fee and Storm hits a superkick to get the win.

Winner.  James Storm

Storm tells the camera what Bob Ryder meant to him and his friends on the ramp as the show ends.




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