Andrade talks WWE contract, Charlotte, Heyman, English, and more

Mar 30, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Photo Credit: Photo credit: WWE

Andrade held his first post WWE interview with Hugo Savinovich on Lucha Libre Online. Some notes from it:

-Wasnt sure about leaving WWE until last month. Says that everyone was kind to him, but no one speaks out. Everyone vents, but no one speaks up and says anything

-His WWE contract was $3 Million and that it was even more than people getting called up from NXT

-WWE told Angel Garza to cut his hair for a push, but the push never came. He supported Garza the same way Sin Car and Rey Mysterio supported him. He also supports Humberto stating that he has the charisma and talent, but they don’t use him

-When he came back in February, people like Randy Orton, Sheamus, McIntyre and Cesaro questioned to him on why he wasn’t being used which made him start to question that something was wrong

-He didn’t think his English was an issue because Asuka was getting pushed
-He pitched ideas to creative before he came back. He also mentions Charlotte pitched ideas to creative as well during the Lacey/Flair story.

-While he was out recovering from eye surgery, he was never called to come back early, even after his heal date, while Charlotte was called almost every day after her surgery to come back early, which she refused until she was healthy

-Questions why guys like Aleister Black and Ricochet are only on Main Event

-Andrade spoke very highly of Drew McIntyre. Mentions that a producer spoke to the two after an encounter and said that Drew needed to look like a monster. Drew told Andrade that he was too be used like that. After Orton talked to Andrade about why he’s not being used, that’s when Andrade decided to leave

-Wore on him to sit in catering every week and always answered “just eat in catering” when asked what he did at television

-Opted out of all Saudi trips after the Crown Jewel plane incident as he didn’t believe the made up stories WWE told him and refused to go to the meetings about the event as he was frustrated that he was stuck in Saudi when his mother passed

-Says Kalisto speaks good English and questions why he isn’t used

-Thanks Karl Anderson for getting him and Charlotte together
-Thanked Paul Heyman for his time on RAW and getting him a US Title run

-Says none of his matches against Rey Mysterio were scripted

-A WWE doctor falsely claimed that Charlotte was pregnant even after she tested negative several times at home. After they were able to prove she wasn’t, WWE never apologized and the doctor stuck to his belief about Charlotte. Mentions that it’s happened to other talent as well

-Andrade knows why Charlotte was taken off the Wrestlemania posters, but doesn’t want to get her in trouble

-Admits that some women backstage get jealous of Charlotte, but that there’s maybe only 4 or 5 women who can realistically do a 20 minute match

-Despite being cleared since November, Vince and Triple H didn’t know until 3 months had passed

-Mentions NJPW and AAA with RUSH as places he’d like to go and to start a Rivalry with LA Park

-Plans to open up a Pro Wrestling Tees store where the benefits will go to his family

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