3/28/21 ROH TV Report

Mar 28, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Our host Quinn McKay opens the show to introduce us to the ROH TV representing the 19th Anniversary weekend. She runs down the card as we’ll see a Pure Rules Gauntlet later on but first Beer City Bruiser vs. Mike Bennett.

Our commentators tonight are Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman (Matt Taven is the guest commentator for the first match). Bobby Cruise will be the voice for the night.

Beer City Bruiser cuts a promo before the next matchup, he briefly mentions why he smashed a beer bottle over Matt Taven’s head & he’s done being the fun loving Bruiser. Then Mike Bennett makes a statement on how the last 3 years he has lived a squeaky clean life because a random angel showed up on his shoulder but sometimes it doesn’t show up.

Match #1: Mike Bennett & Beer City Bruiser’s matchup went to a No Contest because referee Todd Sinclair threw the match out since Bruiser broke a beer bottle to make a weapon out of it. Taven would then run down to the ring and change Bruiser off.

Match #2: 6-Way Pure Rules Gauntlet
Fred Yehi defeated Wheeler YUTA with a Koji Clutch to win the match. (Dante Caballero & Will Ferrara began the matchup but Ferrara pinned & eliminated Caballero first. World Famous CB entered third to eliminate Ferrera with a pinfall & the fourth entrant Eric Martin with a submission. Wheeler YUTA would be the fifth entrant as YUTA defeated CB with a diving paydirt, Yehi would then enter last).

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