WWE Having Issues Trademarking “Sin Cara”

Mar 27, 2021 - by James Walsh

According to a report by Heel By Nature.com, WWE is having issues filing a new trademark for Sin Cara. Previously, WWE reportedly attempted to file a trademark on Sin Cara last October.

The last wrestler to portray Sin Cara in WWE is Jose Rodriguez, who now wrestles as Cinta De Oro in Mexico. WWE released Rodriguez from his contract, which he requested, in December 2019.

Per Heel By Nature, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) notified WWE on some issues with the trademark rejection. First, WWE needs to provide clarification if Sin Cara is the name of a “living individual,” including his first name, pseudonym, or nickname. Additionally, WWE previously failed to establish this in the October filing. Also, USPTO requires written consent on the filing from the individual.

As previously reported by Fightful Select, WWE’s usual process is to apply for the ring name trademarks without first consulting the talents. If those applications are rejected, WWE then “politely asks” the talents to sign a document giving consent. It was noted there are usually no issues with talent agreeing to sign the consent documentation.

While the ring name is for a character who has been portrayed by multiple people in WWE, the USPTO reportedly still expects the person who used the name to provide written consent, unless they are no longer living. Heel By Nature also notes that WWE still has an active trademark on Sin Cara for use in “entertainment services.” This trademark is slated to expire in 2023.

The report noted if WWE doesn’t resolve the issues on the filing, the trademark filing could be ultimately rejected.

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  1. pete haines says:

    Let the workers join the actors guild and this all is solved.

  2. Bthb says:

    Simple fix put a nxt trainee in the mask have him work a quick squash match then have him sign the paperwork

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