WWE SmackDown Report – 3/26/2021

Mar 26, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

– Tonight’s post-Fastlane edition of WWE SmackDown on FOX opens up with a video package showing how WWE Hall of Famer Edge turned heel in the Fastlane main event, while performing as Special Enforcer. That match saw WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns retain over Daniel Bryan, making Edge vs. Reigns official for WrestleMania 37.

– We’re live from the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida as Michael Cole welcomes us. The virtual crowd cheers. Cole is joined at ringside by Corey Graves.

– We go right to the ring and out first comes Daniel Bryan to a pop. Bryan is carrying a steel chair in his hand. He leads a “yes!” chant on the way to the ring as Greg Hamilton does the introduction.

Bryan takes the mic and says everyone saw the truth at Fastlane, everyone saw the reality, everyone saw something that WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns said would never happen, and has never happened before – Reigns tapped out. Bryan goes on about how Reigns has never tapped out and said last week he’d rather die than tap to someone like Bryan. Bryan says Reigns is alive and he tapped out to him. Fans pop.

Bryan says in a perfect world that would mean he’s standing here as champion, on his way to WrestleMania, but neither of those things are true. But why? Because as he was making Reigns tap, WWE Hall of Famer Edge hit him with a steel chair, just like this one he’s holding. Some fans boo. Bryan mocks Edge for some of his recent comments about Bryan not doing this the right way and how Bryan should just let the Edge vs. Reigns dream match happen. Bryan says he’s tired of just standing around, he’s had enough, he’s tired of letting people have the dream match they don’t deserve.

Bryan goes on and on about what he’s earned, and says he’s willing to earn it all again. He’s not asking for anyone to give him the title or a spot at WrestleMania, he’s willing to earn it. Bryan asks for a rematch against Reigns for the title, and he wants that rematch tonight. Fans chant “yes!” again and cheer Bryan on. Bryan says he’s not leaving the ring until he gets what he wants. He unfolds the chair and takes a seat in the middle of the ring as fans cheer him on. Bryan sits and stares up at the stage for a minute or so until we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Bryan is still in the ring. We get a replay of his proposition before the show went to commercial. Adam Pearce finally comes out and says he cannot give Bryan a title shot tonight. Fans boo. Bryan offers to replay Reigns tapping out and Pearce says he already saw it, but the referee’s decision is final. Pearce says Reigns is still champion and his next defense will be against Edge at WrestleMania 37. Bryan has a solution. How about Pearce makes it Edge vs. Reigns at WrestleMania with Bryan immediately facing the winner. Pearce says Bryan of all people knows how unfair it would be to make someone do back-to-back title matches.

Bryan laughs and brings up how he fought for more than 40 minutes in the Elimination Chamber before his title shot. He calls out the double standard and says is that too much for Edge and Reigns. He says WrestleMania is two nights, so how about Edge vs. Reigns on Night One and then the winner vs. Bryan on Night Two. Bryan says that’s reasonable and fans chant “yes!” in response. Pearce looks on from the stage and the music hits to interrupt. Out comes Edge. He stops at Pearce and slaps the mic out of his hand. Edge marches to the ring as Bryan looks on. Edge demand a mic and has one handed in. Edge says for the last month he’s stood back and watched Bryan act like some knight in shining armor. He says Bryan talks about how this could be his final WrestleMania but every match could be the last for Edge. Edge goes on about how Bryan is very heroic for wanting to pick the bones of the winner.

Edge talks about earning his title shot at the Royal Rumble. He goes on and says Bryan doesn’t deserve the shot, calling him a son of a bitch. Bryan suddenly tackles Edge and works him over but Edge ends up delivering a big Spear, laying Bryan out in the middle of the ring. Edge picks up the chair and stalks Bryan. Edge delivers a big chair shot over the back to keep Bryan down. Edge tosses the chair and stares down at Bryan before exiting the ring. Edge looks on from the ramp as his music hits. Bryan is still down trying to recover. Back to commercial.

– We get a video for Randy Orton vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt during Night Two of WrestleMania 37. Cole and Graves hype the remaining tickets for the big event.

– The announcers show us what just happened with Edge and Daniel Bryan. We see Paul Heyman, Jey Uso and Roman Reigns backstage watching. Reigns tells Heyman to go get Adam Pearce. Heyman says with pleasure, and walks off. Reigns tells Uso to go with Heyman and use force if necessary. Uso asks if he’s sure? Reigns nods and asks what are they going to do, fire us? Uso walks off.

Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

We go back to the ring and out first comes Seth Rollins. We see how Rollins took a lengthy Cesaro Swing a few weeks back. Rollins watches the replay and he’s not happy. Out next comes Shinsuke Nakamura for this rematch from WWE Fastlane, where Rollins won.

We see more recent happenings between Rollins, Cesaro and Nakamura. The bell rings and they lock up. They break and lock up again. Rollins takes a knee to the gut. Nakamura takes it to the corner and works Rollins over, taking him down with boots. Nakamura get dropped over the top rope. Rollins comes in and tries to go to the top rope but Nakamura attacks and knocks him to the floor with a high knee. Nakamura lays Rollins over the edge of the apron and delivers anther high knee.

Nakamura leaps from the ropes and delivers a flying knee to the back of the head while Rollins is still laying flat on the edge of the apron. Nakamura rolls Rollins back into the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins has been dominating Nakamura. Nakamura fights out but Rollins hits Slingblade for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring, and another quick attempt. Rollins takes his time and talks some trash. Nakamura comes out of the corner with a big kick for a pop. Nakamura finally unloads with strike to beat Rollins down.

Nakamura drapes Rollins over the top rope and kicks him over the back of his neck. Nakamura with a sliding knee for a pop. Nakamura charges in the corner but runs into a boot that’s caught. Nakamura ends up hitting the big sliding German suplex with the bottom rope. Nakamura goes on but misses the high knee in the corner. Rollins ends up springboarding in from the apron with the flying knee. Rollins hits Falcon Arrow for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring.

Rollins kicks Nakamura around and talks trash while he’s down, ranting about respect. Nakamura counters but misses a kick, then nails the follow-up kick. Rollins counters the reverse Exploder and lands on his feet. Nakamura counters and nails the Landslide for a close 2 count. Nakamura readies for Kinshasa now as fans cheer him on. Rollins blocks it and rocks Nakamura with a big elbow.

Nakamura takes Rollins down into an arm bar for a pop. They transition into the triangle but Rollins powers up and powerbombs Nakamura. Rollins follows up with a Stomp in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

– After the match, Rollins stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Rollins attacks Nakamura while he’s down. Fans boo. Rollins readies for a Stomp but the music hits and out comes Cesaro. He rushes the ring and they start brawling. Cesaro with a big Gutwrench slam. Cesaro unloads with strikes and catches Rollins with the big uppercut in mid-air. Cesaro goes for the Cesaro Swing now but Rollins escapes and retreats to the ramp. Rollins talks trash from the ramp while Cesaro yells at him to return to the ring.

– Adam Pearce has walked into the locker room of Roman Reigns now. Paul Heyman is also there ranting. Reigns stands up and gets in Pearce’s face. Jey Uso stands behind Pearce. Reigns says Pearce is here because he wants him to understand that he gets Reigns just for one night at WrestleMania, one title defense. Now Pearce can thank them. Pearce says he’s almost inclined to agree with Reigns, but there are other things to consider. Pearce says he will have a decision by the end of the night. He walks out of the room.

Big E and The Street Profits vs. Apollo Crews and Alpha Academy

We go back to the ring for six-man action as WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E makes his way out first. Out next are The Street Profits – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. Red cups start falling from the rafters as Big E, Ford and Dawkins head to the ring together. They hit the ring and pose together as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Seth Rollins is seething backstage. Kayla Braxton approaches for comments and Rollins rants about Cesaro. He’s so tired of the disrespect. Rollins challenges Cesaro to a match at WrestleMania 37. Rollins says he will teach Cesaro a lesson on respect and after that he will never be embarrassed or disrespected again, and never swung by Cesaro again. Cesaro suddenly appears and drops Rollins. He then delivers the Cesaro Swing as officials yell at him to stop. Cesaro drops Rollins and accepts the challenge. We go back to the ring and out comes Alpha Academy – Chad Gable and Otis. Apollo Crews is out next as the announcers confirm Crews vs. Big E for Night Two of WrestleMania with the title on the line. Otis starts off with Dawkins.

Big E starts stuff with Crews as the bell hits. He leaves the ring so Otis and Dawkins can start. They go at it and Dawkins delivers a big dropkick. Ford tags in and they hit a double dropkick but Otis is still standing. Ford flips and jumps around some but Otis catches his crossbody in mid-air for a huge powerslam.

Gable tags in and they double team Ford. Gable goes to work on Ford’s leg now. Gable ends up hitting a huge counter into a Northern Lights suplex for 2. Crews tags in and goes to work on Ford, yelling at him and taunting Big E. Crews levels Ford for a 2 count. Ford finally rocks Crews to get an opening. Gable and Big E tag in at the same time. Big E with two big throws to Gable, and a shot to knock Otis off the apron. Big E launches Gable again and then dances over him.

Big E runs the ropes and hits the big splash in the middle of the ring. Big E goes for the Big Ending but Gable counters for a submission but Big E fights him off. Big E catches Gable in the corner with a big Uranage but Crews breaks the pin up. Dawkins runs in and levels Crews with a right hand. Otis and Gable hit a big double team on Dawkins to send him out. Ford counters Otis and dropkicks him out of the ring.

Gable sends Ford to the apron but Ford avoids it and ends up leaping out of the ring, taking both members of Alpha Academy out with a big splash on the floor. Crews takes advantage and briefly tangles with Big E, then hits the Angle Slam to Big E for the pin to win.

Winners: Alpha Academy and Apollo Crews

– After the match, the heels stand tall to celebrate.

– We see how Sami Zayn attacked Kevin Owens last week. We see Owens walking backstage now. We also see Sami walking with his film crew. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Edge stops Adam Pearce, asking if Daniel Bryan is going to get what he wants. He asks what kind of ship Pearce is running here. Edge goes on and Pearce says he has a job to gather all the facts and weigh all the options before a decision, and that is what he will do before the end of tonight. He’s doing this for WWE and not for any one person. Edge says he hopes Pearce makes the right decision, or else.

– We go to the ring for another episode of The KO Show. Kevin Owens takes the mic and says these past weeks he’s tried to show Sami Zayn that while he doesn’t believe in his conspiracy stuff, he’s still on Sami’s side. But that got him attacked with a Helluva Kick last week. Owens says he has a question and only one person has that answer. He calls Sami out and the music finally hits, bringing Sami out with his documentary film crew.

Sami says yes, he is unequivocally sorry for kicking Owens last week. He says he crossed the line but all this conspiracy stuff has been messing with his psyche, but yes, he is sorry. Owens says that’s not the answer he was looking for. Sami says he knows the question is if Owens can still be a part of Sami’s documentary. Sami says he can. Sami goes on about dropping a piece of big news right now. He’s holding a red carpet premiere for his documentary next week. It’s going to be huge, a red carpet affair. Owens wants to speak but Sami’s not done. He points out how he’s been going back & forth on Twitter with YouTube star Logan Paul. Sami says Paul is into the documentary, is going to help get major eyes on it, and will be here next week for SmackDown. Sami goes on but Owens doesn’t care about Sami’s project, about Logan Paul, about Sami’s apology or anything else. Sami interrupts and starts ranting about Owens. Owens yells at him, telling him to shut his mouth and listen now. Owens says he’s only allowing Sami to stand here for this long because he needs an answer to the question he has. The question is… Zayn vs. Owens, one-on-one, at WrestleMania. Yes or no?

Owens points up at the WrestleMania 37 sign. Sami rants about how Owens is making a huge mistake and they need to work together. Owens keeps asking yes or no. Sami finally says yes and asks Owens if he’s happy now. Owens is. Owens says now that he has his answer, he’s going to beat Sami senseless. Owens attacks Sami and unloads, beating him down and to the floor. Owens follows with a big clothesline on the floor. He chases him back in and delivers a big Stunner in the middle of the ring. Owens stands tall over Sami as his music hits, looking up at the WrestleMania sign.

– Daniel Bryan approaches Adam Pearce backstage. Bryan knows Pearce is under pressure but deep down he knows he has to make the right decision, and he knows what that decision is. Bryan walks off and Pearce looks on. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and tonight’s Progressive Match Flo video shows how WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair retained over Bianca Belair and SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks at WWE Fastlane this past Sunday. We also see how Banks slapped her WrestleMania opponent after the loss. Belair is backstage with Kayla now. Kayla asks about the slap. Belair says Twitter have a field day with it but she’s obviously bigger and better than Sasha, and could’ve reacted, but Banks wouldn’t even make it to WrestleMania then. She learned from her mother to be the bigger person, and she did, but she will make up for it at WrestleMania. She goes on about Banks and says she’s just a little bit better than Banks, enough to make history and end Banks’ reign at WrestleMania. Belair says she has some unfinished business with Natalya now. She tells viewers at home to keep little kids out of the room because they shouldn’t see what she’s about to do.

Bianca Belair vs. Natalya

We go right to the ring and out comes Bianca Belair to a pop. Out next comes Natalya with Tamina Snuka. We see how Snuka and Natalya attacked and left Belair laying last Friday.

The bell rings and Belair charges with a dropkick to Natalya. Belair with thrusts in the corner now as the referee warns her. Belair counters a move and delivers a shoulder to send Natalya to the floor to regroup. The referee counts but Natalya comes back at the 6 count. She stops and Belair chases her around. Belair meets her back in the ring and beats her into the corner.

Natalya counters and hits some of her signature moves but Belair avoids the basement dropkick. Belair goes on for a close 2 count. Belair with a jackknife pin for another 2 count. Belair kicks Natalya and scoops her for a big slam. Belair goes to the top but the music interrupts to distract and out comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.

Natalya tries to take advantage of the distraction but it backfires. Belair still comes down off the top rope to the apron to regroup. Snuka takes advantage and drops Belair with a superkick, knocking her off the apron to the floor, while the referee deals with Natalya. Banks walks down the ramp and taunts Belair while she’s down. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and they’re going at it. Banks is on commentary. Belair mounts offense but Natalya counters with a hurricanrana for a 2 count. Natalya rams Belair into the corner and beats her down as the referee warns her. Natalya goes to the top and grabs Belair for a tornado DDT but it’s blocked. Belair counters with a suplex.

The referee counts while they’re both down now. Belair gets up and unloads for a pop. She mounts offense and kips up. They tangle some and Belair hits a powerbomb for a close 2 count. Belair with a back springboard moonsault that barely connects and Natalya kicks out. Belair counters the Sharpshooter and turns it into a roll-up for 2. Natalya comes back with the discus lariat for a close 2 count as Snuka cheers her on.

They get up and tangle some more. Belair blocks a counter and drops down onto Natalya for 2. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter again but gets kicked away. Belair with a big slam face-first into the middle of the ring. Belair rolls to the floor and stumbles to the mat. Banks gets up and taunts her as the referee counts.

Belair gets up and they argue. Belair delivers a huge slap to the face. Belair returns to the ring, blocks Natalya and delivers a right hand. Belair follows up with the KOD in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

– After the match, Belair stands tall and celebrates as her music hits. Banks runs in and delivers the Backstabber from behind. Fans boo. Banks stands over Belair as her music starts up.

– Edge walks into the locker room of Roman Reigns, Jey Uso and Paul Heyman. Uso yells at Edge. Reigns stands up and says it takes a lot of balls for Edge to come in here. He can almost respect Edge coming in but Edge is going to let the pitbull off its leash if he doesn’t get to the point. Edge says he’s here to talk. He says Daniel Bryan is trying to steal their spotlight, so if Reigns has the stroke he says he’s got, now is the time to use it. Edge points out how he can pin Bryan to win the title, not Reigns, if Bryan is involved in the match. Edge tells Reigns to think about that. He walks off and we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a WrestleMania 37 promo, it’s just 15 days away. The announcers hype the card.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio

We go back to the ring and the SmackDown Tag Team Champions are waiting – Dolph Ziggler with Robert Roode. Out next comes Rey Mysterio with Dominik Mysterio. We get a pre-recorded promo with Rey talking about how big it would be to win the SmackDown Tag Team Titles, as a father and a competitor.

The bell rings and they go at it. Ziggler takes it to the corner and backs off, then kicks Rey. Ziggler keeps control and lands a big splash in the corner as Dominik and Roode look on. Ziggler taunts Rey in the corner and then misses another splash. Rey with a big scissors takedown for a pop. Rey goes on and drops Ziggler for 619 with an enziguri. He goes for 619 but Ziggler blocks it and rocks him.

Ziggler goes for a powerbomb but Rey fights back and sends Ziggler over the top rope to the floor. Rey leaps off the apron for a hurricanrana but Ziggler catches him and launches him over the barrier with a big powerbomb. Fans boo as Dominik checks on his dad, leaning over the barrier. Ziggler drops Dominik with a superkick as the boos get louder. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Ziggler continues to dominate Mysterio. Ziggler takes Rey down in the corner and manhandles him while talking trash. Ziggler takes Rey to the top turnbuckle for a superplex but Rey resists and fights back. Rey headbutts Ziggler to the mat. Rey flies and hits the big senton as Ziggler gets up. Rey mounts offense now for a 2 count.

Roode cheers Ziggler on from ringside but looks concerned. Ziggler runs into boots in the corner. Ziggler counters a move and slams Rey face-first into the mat. Ziggler follows up with the Fame-asser but Rey kicks out just before the 3 count. Rey ducks a superkick and drops Ziggler into position for 619. Roode rushes the ring to block it but Dominik runs in and stops him. Roode sends Dominik to the floor. Rey dropkicks Roode.

Rey goes to springboard out to the floor for Roode but Ziggler catches Rey in a huge Zig Zag from behind, but Rey kicks out just in time. Ziggler can’t believe it. Rey counters the gutwrench and drops Ziggler for 619, then finally hits it. Rey flies back in the ring with the splash for the pin to win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

– After the match, Dominik recovers at ringside and celebrates with his dad as the music hits. Roode joins Ziggler in the ring and they’re not happy.

– Adam Pearce makes his way to the ring as The Mysterios are heading to the back. Out next comes WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. Cole and Graves congratulate The Great Khali and Kane on their 2021 WWE Hall of Fame inductions.

Reigns meets Pearce in the ring as fans chant “you tapped out!” at him. Heyman and Uso look on from ringside. Reigns circles Pearce as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and the announcers hype Sami Zayn’s red carpet premiere with Logan Paul for next week. We go back to the ring and the “you tapped!” out chants continue as Reigns stares Pearce down. They just stand there until the music hits and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Edge. The pyro goes off and Edge heads to the ring.

Edge paces around the ring. Reigns and Pearce stand there. Daniel Bryan’s music hits next and out he comes to a pop and a “yes!” chant. Bryan hits the ring and stares Edge and Reigns down. Pearce thanks everyone for joining him. He understands all of their concerns and agrees they all make sense. He says what Bryan is saying also makes sense, about there being a double standard and about how he deserves another title shot. Pearce says Reigns is also right that he will defend the title one time at WrestleMania. Pearce announces that it will be Bryan vs. Edge vs. Reigns in a Triple Threat at WrestleMania, with the title on the line.

Bryan is happy as the “yes!” chants start up. Reigns and Edge seethe. Reigns questions Pearce as Bryan attacks Edge and they go at it. Bryan beats Edge down in the corner. Bryan turns around to a big Superman Punch from Reigns. Uso slides a steel chair in to Reigns as fans boo now. Reigns taunts Bryan while he’s down. Edge suddenly hits a Spear, driving the chair into Reigns. Uso runs in but Edge drops him with another Spear. Fans pop. Edge grabs the chair and takes turn delivering chair shots to both WrestleMania opponents while they are down. Cole says Edge has snapped. Edge places a chair under Bryan’s head. He does the same to Reigns. Edge brings anther chair in the ring but has to stop and beat Uso down with the chair as Uso tries to attack and stop him from punishing Reigns and Bryan again. This allows Reigns to roll out of the ring and retreat up the ramp as fans boo.

Bryan is trying to crawl away now. Edge drops an elbow into his back. WWE producers Pat Buck and Jamie Noble come in to stop Edge but he drops them with chair shots. Bryan has rolled out of the ring to safety now. Other WWE officials look on from ringside, trying to calm Edge down and check on Bryan, who is down on the floor. Edge unfolds the chair in the middle of the ring and takes a seat. Edge sits there and fumes as his music starts up. Reigns looks on from the stage. The post-Fastlane edition of SmackDown on FOX goes off the air with Edge seething in the middle of the ring.

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