Details on WWE’s new sponsorship deal with Old Spice

Mar 26, 2021 - by Staff

WWE NXT Superstar Rik Bugez (Eric Bugenhagen) will continue to play Joseph Average, the Old Spice character that we saw briefly win the WWE 24/7 Title at the recent Fastlane pay-per-view.

As noted, Fastlane featured a backstage segment where Average, the delivery guy for WWE sponsor Old Spice, ended up winning the WWE 24/7 Title from R-Truth. Average pinned Truth while trying to clean up a display that was knocked over. The segment, which saw Truth immediately roll Average back up to re-take the title, also featured Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak.

In an update, the story of Joseph Average will play out across 5 more WWE vignettes, according to AdWeek. There’s no word on exactly when these vignettes will air, but they should premiere in the next several weeks. AdWeek noted that this is a multi-week content series and storyline integration to support the launch of Old Spice’s new NightPanther deodorant scent.

It was also revealed that the NightPanther storyline will also play out during Night One and Night Two of WrestleMania 37 next month.

In addition to the 6 vignettes, WWE’s new Old Spice ad campaign also features 4 custom commercials and a robust social media campaign. The social media campaign will include a YouTube playlist and organized online support from Superstars.

In a bit of a spoiler for future vignettes, it was revealed that WWE producer Shane Helms will bring back his Hurricane Helms gimmick for at least one of the vignettes.

Average is described as “a normal, everyday Old Spice salesman that taps into the power of NightPanther to achieve WWE superstardom.” Joseph’s saga speaks to the humor that has underscored both brands, making WWE and Old Spice the ideal tag team for the unconventional ad campaign, which is geared at a young male audience.

It was noted by AdWeek that Old Spice decided to go big for the rollout of their newest scent, so they turned to WWE for help. Classic Old Spice ads from the past have featured high energy, eccentricity and over-the-top personalities, and Old Spice went to WWE as the one place that could match its supercharged ethos.

The campaign was a joint effort between Wieden + Kennedy, Old Spice’s longtime ad agency, and WWE’s in-house production team. WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon told AdWeek that WWE can help Old Spice amplify their fun and irreverent style.

“Old Spice was really looking to target the male 18 to 24 demographic, which WWE can reach in a myriad of ways,” McMahon said. “I think Old Spice’s type of content is really fun and irreverent. It’s a particular style of humor, and if anybody can help amplify that sort of fun and irreverent style, it’s WWE.”

Old Spice’s Vice President at P&G, Matt Krehbiel, added, “Old Spice and WWE both have broad appeal with young guys, who are loyal fans of the brands. The new Old Spice NightPanther deodorant scent is the perfect co-star in the latest storyline, showing guys everywhere that they can truly smell ready for anything—whether going after the 24/7 title or unleashing their inner superstar.”

Stay tuned for more on WWE and the new Old Spice campaign. For those who missed it, below is video from the Fastlane vignette, along with a related tweet from Bugez:

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