Allie Katch

Mar 26, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Alison Woodard
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 161 lbs.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Texas
Resides: Indianapolis, Indiana
Pro Debut: 2011
Trained By: Harker Dirge & AAPW
Finishing Move: Sit-Out Piledriver


– Allie has also been known as Stray Kat. She’s also nicknamed One Thicc Kitten & BodyCat.
– September 12, 2015, Allie competed in a 3-Way Steel Cage for the RCW Angels Division Title.
– April 17, 2016, Allie competed in a 3-Way Elimination for the ACW American Joshi Title.
– June 25th, Allie lost to Jessica James in the first round of the ACW 8th Annual Queen of Joshi Tournament.
– August 14th, The Blondetourage (Allie & Laynie Luck) defeated Delilah Doom & Jessica James at Inspire Pro Forever.
– August 28th, Allie defeated Mad Tigre in a Cat Collar match at ACW Distrust, Dismay & Antisocial Behavior ’16.
– September 18th, Allie defeated Amanda Rodriguez at ACW Evolution of the Revolution ’16.
– October 1st, Allie lost to Delilah Doom at DWO In the Moody for a Fight 3.
– October 23rd, Allie lost to Christi Jaynes at ACW Beyond Good and Evil ’16.
– December 9th, Allie defeated Tank Engine Thomas at PHW Holiday Special.
– December 11th, Allie competed in a 3-Way Elimination for the ACW American Joshi Title.
– January 13, 2017, Allie competed in a 6-Way at PHW Partymania.
– January 14th, Allie lost to Christi Jaynes at WC Tough Act to Follow.
– January 15th, Allie, Skyler Fayden & Taylor Jett lost to Tank Engine Thomas, Christi Jaynes & Reggie Lincoln at ACW Guilty by Association 11.
– January 27th, Allie lost to Sage Sin on RISE 2.
– February 26th, Allie competed in a 3-Way Elimination for the ACW American Joshi Title.
– March 10th, Allie lost to Jack Jameson at PHW Cabin Fever.
– March 26th, Allie competed in a 3-Way for the vacant Inspire Pro XX Division Title.
– April 16th, Allie lost to Thunder Rosa at ACW Peace, Love & Anarchy ’17.
– May 19th, Allie & Kody Lane defeated Delilah Doom & Dillon Divine at HMW Tomorrow Belongs to Us.
– May 20th, Allie defeated Jewells Malone at MPX Girls Fight, Guys Wrestle.
– June 3rd, Allie won a 3-Way at MPX Survive the Night.
– June 10th, Allie defeated Laynie Luck at NOVA Pro Life is Like a Box of Chocolates.
– June 17th, Allie defeated Delilah Doom at DWO Three Shades of Fate.
– June 18th, Allie lost to Sage Sin in the semi-finals of the ACW 9th Annual American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament.
– July 2nd, Allie competed in a 3-Way for the Inspire Pro Junior Crown Title.
– August 6th, Allie challenged Angel Blue for the WBW Women’s Title.
– September 22nd, Allie lost to Jordynne Grace at NOVA Pro Project 3.
– October 22nd, Allie challenged JC Res for the ACW Heavyweight Title.
– November 4th, Allie lost to Jessicka Havok at AAW Rise of the Dragon.
– November 10th, Allie defeated Tasha Steelz at RISE 5.
– November 13th, Allie competed in the AWE Rumble.
– November 24th, Allie, Deonna Purrazzo, Sahara Se7en, Veda Scott & Laynie Luck defeated Faye Jackson, Mia Yim, Brittany Blake & Team PAWG (Jordynne Grace & LuFisto) in a Elimination at NOVA Pro 11th Dimension.
– November 25th, Allie defeated Laynie Luck at Wazzup.
– December 27th, Allie won a 4-Way at AWE Show of the Year.
– December 30th, Allie lost to Faye Jackson at GCW The Compound Fight Club: Chapter 1.
– January 6, 2018, Allie competed in a 3-Way at PWCS The ’17 Mega Ticket.
– January 14th, Allie competed in the Black Label Pro Rumble.
– January 19th, Allie, Ashley Vox & Kris Statlander defeated The Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro, Alexander Lee & The DangerKid) at Limitless The World is Ours.
– January 20th, Allie defeated Priscilla Kelly at QOC 20.
– February 15th, Allie defeated Christi Jaynes at IWA Mid-South Heartbreak ’18.
– February 16th, Pow Meow (Allie & Christi Jaynes) defeated The Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) at NOVA Pro Cupid’s Chokehold.
– February 25th, Allie defeated Josh Bishop at SUP Achy Breaky Heart.
– March 1st, Allie lost to Hudson Envy at IWA Mid-South Opposite Sides of the Track.
– March 8th, Allie lost to Shotzi Blackheart at IWA Mid-South No Retreat, No Surrender ’18.
– March 10th, Allie defeated Holidead at NOVA Pro Rip Her to Shreds.
– April 7th, Allie competed in a 3-Way at IWA Mid-South Spring Fling.
– April 20th, Allie competed in the NOVA Pro Old Dominion Rumble.
– April 21st, Allie defeated Shazza McKenzie at BLP Slamilton.
– April 26th, Allie challenged Shotzi Blackheart for the IWA Mid-South Women’s Title.
– May 3rd, Allie defeated Hudson Envy at IWA Mid-South Derby Madness ’18.
– May 12th, Allie competed in the final 4-Way Elimination of the MTW Making Towns Classic Tournament.
– June 7th, Allie lost to Veda Scott at BCP Malice at the Palace.
– June 9th, Allie lost to Jordynne Grace in the finals of the NOVA Pro Women’s Commonwealth Cup ’18.
– June 10th, Allie lost to Tripp Cassidy at SUP Streets of Hate.
– June 24th, Allie defeated Harlow O’Hara to win the ACW 10th Annual American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament.
– July 6th, Allie defeated Kimber Lee at NOVA Pro American Slang ’18.
– July 13th, Allie lost to Hawlee Cromwell at FxD Unlucky 13.
– July 14th, Allie defeated Kris Wolf at BLP JAM.
– July 22nd, Allie challenged Ricky Starks for the ACW Televised Title.
– July 27th, Allie defeated Jordynne Grace at Limitless Vacationland Cup ’18.
– August 4th, Allie lost to Scarlett Bordeaux at AAW Jawbreaker ’18.
– August 5th, Allie defeated Samantha Heights at SUP Not Problematic.
– August 18th, Allie defeated Mance Warner at BLP National Slampoon’s Wrestling Vacation.
– August 25th, Allie lost to Britt Baker at AIW WrestleRager 3.
– September 22nd, Allie competed in a first round scramble of the BLP Darkest Timeline Tournament.
– October 19th, The Aristokats (Allie & Maxwell Jacob Friedman) competed in the final 4-Way Elimination of the NOVA Pro Sadie Hawkins Invitational Tournament.
– October 21st, Allie lost to Sierra at SHIMMER 108.
– November 3rd, Allie defeated Kylie Rae at BLP Big Trouble in Little Crown Point.
– November 9th, Allie lost to Queen Aminata at WTF Steel Cage Challenge.
– November 10th, Allie lost to Quinn McKay at AAW Legacy ’18.
– November 11th, Allie competed in a 8-Way for the Inspire Pro Undefinable Title.
– November 18th, Allie challenged Jason Silver for the ACW Heavyweight Title.
– December 2nd, Allie competed in a 3-Way of the first round of the FxD Young Guns Tournament ’18.
– December 27th, Allie challenged Sage Philips for the PWF Tri-State Title.
– February 2, 2019, Allie defeated Savanna Stone at BLP Unplugged.
– February 8th, Allie lost to Dani Jordyn at ACTION Wrestling 6.
– February 9th, Allie defeated Aja Perera at MTW February Fracas.
– March 3rd, Allie defeated Kevin Ku at SUP What Could Possibly Go Right?
– March 8th, Allie defeated Alex Gracia at AIW 7 Year Itch.
– March 16th, Allie competed in a 4-Way Elimination of the first round of the CHIKARA Young Lions Cup XV.
– March 28th, Allie defeated Kylie Rae at AIW Wrestle Rave.
– March 29th, Allie competed in the RISE of the Contenders Rumble.
– March 30th, Allie lost to Indi Hartwell at SHIMMER 109.
– April 5th, Allie won the BLP Million Dollar Intergender Battle Royal.
– April 6th, Allie won the GCW Lumberjack Swamp Monster Elimination.
– April 20th, Allie defeated Joey Ryan at BLP Player’s Brawl.
– May 3rd, Allie defeated Savanna Stone to win the MTW Making Town Classic Tournament ’19.
– May 26th, Allie lost to Jordynne Grace at IWTV The Midwest Mixtape.
– May 29th, Allie defeated Davienne on Beyond Uncharted Territory.
– June 2nd, Allie challenged Brett Ison for the SUP Bonestorm Title.
– June 20th, Allie defeated Sanchez at GCW Crushed Up.
– July 21st, Allie competed in a 7-Way at GCW Lights Out.
– July 27th, Allie lost to Tenille Dashwood at BLP Dropkicks & Dragons.
– August 8th, Stray Kat challenged Still Life With Apricots and Pears for the CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Title.
– August 15th, Allie & Mance Warner lost to Thunderkitty & Zane Riley at QOC Royal Affair.
– September 21st, Allie lost to Danny Adams in the first round of the BLP Turbo Graps 16.
– October 4th, Karate Kat Xtreme (Stray Kat, Lucas Calhoun & Missle Assault Man) lost to The Nations (Adam Hoffman, Jack Bonza & Mick Moretti) in the first round of the CHIKARA King of Trios ’19.
– October 11th, Punk Rock Pussycats (Allie & Jody Threat) defeated Fight or Flight (Gabriel Fuerza & Vaughn Vertigo) to win the C4 Terry Ann Gibson Memorial Tag Team Tournament.
– November 15th, Allie challenged Ray Basura for the PHW Multiverse Title.
– November 17th, Punk Rock Pussycats defeated A1 Originalz (Cheech & Eric Cairnie) at A1 Final Act X.
– November 27th, Allie & Shawn Kemp lost to Akira & Charlie Kruel in the semi-finals of the GFW Tag Team Tournament.
– November 29th, Allie defeated Veda Scott at AIW Hell on Earth XV.
– December 7th, Allie challenged Jody Threat for the BW Women’s Title.
– January 18, 2020, Allie lost to Nick Gage in a Texas Death Match at GCW Take a Picture.
– January 31st, Punk Rock Pussycats defeated Bird Law (Mike Bailey & Veda Scott) at C4 Underground 5.
– February 7th, Allie defeated Nick Stapp at AIW Built to Last.
– February 8th, Allie lost to Atticus Cogar at the MCPW 13th Anniversary Show.
– February 9th, Allie competed in the Bizarro Lucha Unlucky 13 Rumble.
– February 29th, Allie & Dan the Dad challenged Ethan Page & Danhausen for the BLP Tag Team Titles.
– March 1st, Allie & Danny Adams defeated Danhausen & Elayna Black at the Glory Pro 3rd Anniversary Show.
– March 20th, Allie lost to Chris Dickinson in the quarter-finals of GCW The Acid Cup 2.
– June 20th, Allie defeated Effy at GCW The Wrld on GCW Part 2.
– July 26th, Allie defeated Max Caster at Beyond Two Weeks Notice.
– August 2nd, EffyKat (Allie & Effy) lost to The 44OH! (Rickey Shane Page & Atticus Cogar) at GCW Keep in Touch.
– August 23rd, Allie defeated Slade at Beyond Wear Sunscreen.
– September 6th, Allie defeated Ethan Page at GCW Bring Em Out.
– October 9th, Allie defeated Davienne at SUP Swing the Axe.
– October 10th, Allie & Dan the Dad competed in a 3-Way for the vacant United Glory Titles.
– October 17th, Allie defeated Elayna Black at GCW The Last Resort.
– December 5th, Allie defeated Kikutaro at GCW Slime Season.
– January 30, 2021, Allie lost to Willow Nightingale at GCW Fight Forever: Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Shit.
– March 6th, Allie defeated Levi Everett at GCW Take Kare.

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