Tony Khan on working creative with hard worker QT Marshall

Mar 25, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

AEW President & CEO Tony Khan took to Twitter this afternoon and praised QT Marshall as the hardest working person in the pro wrestling business.

Marshall wrestles for AEW but also works as an Associate Producer, and co-owns the Nightmare Factory school. Last night’s AEW Dynamite episode featured a promo where he expressed frustration, mentioning how there are perks in being the friend of Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes, but people don’t see the other things like making sure Cody’s coffee is hot, and making sure his t-shirts are cut the right way. Marshall also mentioned how Cody is able to go back to his hotel after the show to be with his wife while Marshall stays up all night and works, leaving his wife alone.

A fan responded to the promo and was confused about Marshall working late, not realizing that the AEW TV tapings often run well past midnight, into the early morning hours.

The fan wrote, “Even with a typical AEW match being 20 minutes, no matter what, why is he not making it home in time for bed? He wrestles all night? Is there some underground, graveyard shift for 8 hour long matches that he has to work? I don’t get it.”

Marshall responded to the tweet and pointed to how he and Khan stay up late writing the next TV shows.

“@TonyKhan and I stay up working, writing the next shows. We have week to week television,” QT wrote back to the fan.

Khan then chimed in and revealed that he and Marshall were awake until 6am this morning, working on the formats for the next week of AEW programming. Khan then said he believes QT is the hardest working person in the sport.

“I was literally up until 6am this morning with QT putting together formats for next week. Given his training at the Nightmare Factory + his wrestling commitments, on top of all of the work he does in the office, I think he’s probably the hardest working person in this business,” Khan wrote.

This isn’t the first time QT has been credited with AEW creative work. AEW star Chris Jericho appeared on Konnan’s “Keepin’ It 100” podcast back in November and discussed the AEW creative process, and QT’s involvement.

“We don’t have writers and we are very proud of that fact,” Jericho said. “I book all my stuff. I think QT Marshall takes all the ideas for the week and then he formats the show. It’s always about the opening quarter, the cross over quarter and the final quarter. Tony decides where he wants that and then QT shapes up the rest of it. Tony then goes through it. It’s a weekly collaborative process for sure.”

You can see the full tweets from Marshall and Khan below, along with a clip from last night’s promo:

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