Mick Foley responds to Britt Baker comments

Mar 25, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley took to Twitter last night to respond to the AEW Dynamite promo from Britt Baker.

Baker cut a heated promo on last week’s Lights Out main event loss to Thunder Rosa.

“That’s it, that is the warm welcome you give me for the hell that I went through last week?,” Baker asked the crowd as they booed her. “You all are as dumb, delusional, and disrespectful as Thunder Rosa.

“Thunder Rosa – you should be thanking me every day that you wake up. You should be thanking me because you will forever be remembered now. You got to be a part of the history that I wrote with my own blood. And then you… and then you have the audacity to stand here in my company, in my division, and say that you put the women on the map. Then why is everybody talking about me?”

Baker then addressed praise she’s received in the last week from other wrestlers on social media, specifically the “thumbs up” Twitter video that Foley posted last week, tagging Rosa and Baker in. You can see that tweet below.

“And I don’t need the praise and admiration from all you legends and experts telling me that I’m worthy now that I’m a star now,” Baker continued. “Mick Foley, thanks for the thumbs up, except it took you 20 years to become a hardcore legend and I did it in one night.

“And that night when I had 87 thumbtacks in my back, and the blood was flowing down into my eyes, I’ve never been able to see more clearly, because Tony Khan, you’re out here looking for every legend that ever has been, when you have the biggest one right here, standing under your nose, because not only did I make history that night, I put AEW on the map, and those three letters, A-E-W, come second to the most epic three in all of professional wrestling – D-M-D.”

Foley responded to the jab from Baker on Twitter.

“Not going to lie…this comment from @RealBrittBaker stung a little [sleepy face emoji],” he wrote.

Baker has not responded to Foley’s tweet as of this writing. You can see all three related tweets below, along with a post-show tweet from Baker:

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