Amy Rose on ROH’s 19th Anniversary PPV, Making History as a Manager, Kenny King, Pandemic, more

Mar 25, 2021 - by James Walsh

Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: Amy Rose
Date: 03/25/2021
Your Host: James Walsh

The lovely and talented Amy Rose has been a fixture on ROH TV for the past few years. First, she was the vision at ringside often flagged by Bobby Cruise and Cary Silkin. Now, her role is much more profound as the manager of LFI which happens to include ROH World Champion RUSH and the man pulling double duty on Friday night at the ROH 18th Anniversary PPV, Kenny King.

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On ROH’s 19th Anniversary PPV this Friday:
“I’m so excited! I’m proud to be even a part of Ring of Honor’s history. 19 years is huge! I can’t wait for you guys to see everything that is going to happen!”

On how she fell in love with wrestling:
“For me, growing up in a religious household, there were a few things that were an escape and wrestling was one of those things. It was such an amazing thing for me. It just captured my attention! A way for me to get out of going to church. So, I’d watch and I fell in love with the Hardy Boyz and Lita. They were just so cool. Watching SmackDown every Thursday, that is what got me into wrestling!”

On training at the Team 3D (DuDley Boyz) Academy:
“Training under them was amazing. They’re both veterans and they showed me how to do things the right way. It is all about hard work and that exactly what you’re going to learn when you train at Team 3D Academy.”

On D-Von Dudley being less intimidating than Bully Ray:
“(laughs) I don’t think people are as afraid of D-Von but I think they both can be equally tough. If you get on D-Von’s bad side, he will definitely show you why he was part of that tag team!”

On breaking in to Ring of Honor:
“I started working with Ring of Honor in 2017. Bully Ray was working with them at that time and I just started helping out. That was down in Florida. I just fell in love with it! I loved the energy of the locker room. I loved everyone that was on the roster. I loved the fans! It was just such an exciting time. We had Final Battle coming up and it was going to be in New York. So, I said, “You know what? I’m going to take a shot and go and help out and see what happens.” Making that move was one of the best decisions of my career because it really opened eyes to people high up in the office because they saw how devoted I was to be there and to help out. It started opening doors for me. It started opening up opportunities.”

On laughing ringside alongside Bobby Cruise and Cary Silkin:
“(laughs) They’re so fun! Two of the funniest people you’ll ever want to meet! They just made every single show so much more entertaining. Sometimes it is stressful sitting at that table but it is so fun to have them there. I would say, 100%, you should have Cary (Silkin) on your show. He’s hilarious!”

On the feeling of being a part of ROH as they played MSG at G1 Supercard:
“It was incredible! The energy in that room was electric. It was insane! To be around that many people at one time, it is kind of crazy to think about now just because of how the world is today. (laughs) But, it was something else! I’m so thankful that I was able to be there. There really hasn’t been a moment in my career, so far, that has been as amazing as that.”

On being paired with Kenny Omega after the Great Muta mist blinded him:
“My partnership with Kenny King is kind of funny because it kind of happened by accident. I saw him backstage kind of fumbling around backstage and he asked me if i could help him get to the ring. I said, “Alright! Lets do this!” And, it just kind of caught fire. People really enjoyed the segment and they liked seeing us together. And, the rest is history!”

On how ROH took care of talent during the pandemic:
“ROH took such good care of us during the pandemic. A lot of places could have just said, “You know… Good luck! Figure it out!” (laughs) But, they (ROH) continued to pay all their talent and they continued to have us be involved. We made the msot of it. It wasn’t easy being away from the fans and being away from your friends. It was like 9 months that I had to go without being at a show! It was really tough! But, I’m so glad ROH stuck with us. And, we made the msot of it! It was amazing! I got to do a lot of fun videos for the fans. I gave people a tour of my closet which was really fun! (laughs) And, I played a lot of video games!”

On if she should do video game livestreams as an attractive female who is into gaming:
“You know, I get that a lot! A lot of people have suggested that. Jay Lethal is one who has mentioned it to me. It is definitely something I’ve been considering. I just haven’t made the jump yet!”

On what her favorite video game is presently:
“My favorite video game at the moment – I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy 7 the remake. That is awesome. Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with Pokemon. So, any of the Pokemon games. So, definitely those!”

On ROH’s return to action without a crowd:
“I never thought we would be able to perform without an audience and still captivate an audience. But, I really think we have done such a good job reopening and rebranding. And, a big part of that really goes to Zane Decker, our director. He’s the one responsible for all the backstage segments and all the profile pieces that you guys see leading up to the matches. I think without his vision, it would be a totally different product. So, I’m super thankful that he is part of our team!”

On if she’s hoping to see the Women of Honor division start up again soon:
“I definitely am! It is like you said, it is probably the one thing we’ve been missing. I know that is what the fans are looking for. So many times I get comments on our Facebook group For the Experience saying they want women’s wrestling. I just want people to know that your voices are being heard! Stay patient! Some things are coming!”

On if she wants to wrestle when the women’s division does restart:
“I think there is always room for that. Right now, I’m excited doing what I’m doing making history with LFI. I’m the first Ring of Honor manager to manage our World, Television, and Tag Team Champions simultaneously. So, right now, that is not my focus. But, I do love gold! I want championships! So, it could be in my future.”

On if she ever thought of a sister angle with Jenny Rose:
“(laughs) People have mentioned that to me. But, I think it would be more like a battle for the last name! Loser loses the last name!:

James (interviewer) and Amy Rose have fun trying to teach James how to pronounce La Faction Ignorables. James settles on “LFI”.

On if she has an update on Dragon Lee’s condition:
“Yeah, I know he’s doing well. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery and we will see him back soon. You know, things happen. But, I couldn’t think of a better replacement (for his title defense against Tracy Williams at the ROH 19th Anniversary PPV) than 2 time former TV Champion Kenny King!”

On Kenny King pulling double duty at the PPV:
“He sure is! But, if anyone can do it, he can! I know we’re going to leave Ring of Honor 19, the 19th Anniversary show on top!”

On Kenny King being snippy with her at times:
“You know, that is normal. Every group is going to have disagreements. Sometimes people will lose a little focus. But, that is what I’m here for. I’m heer to make sure we stay focused and we leave the 19th Anniversary show as champions and continue to make Ring of Honor our empire!”

On if it is difficult to put on a live PPV with no crowd:
“I think it is different for everyone. When I’m out there, i feel the same energy with or without a crowd because I’m so invested in the match. I know that even though there are no people in the crowd, there are people so invested in the match watching at home. And, we all give it 110%!”

On the state of wrestling even during the pandemic in 2021:
“I think it is amazing. If you had told me even a couple of years ago even as a fan that there would be so many options and different styles. Even if you don’t like one show, you can find another show that you do like. What I think is amazing as a talent and someone who works in wrestling is all the new opportunities that are out there and so many new jobs Before, it was really slim pickings. Everyone was clawing and fighting. Opportunities were hard to come by because there were so few companies. So, I think this is great for everybody!”

On getting back in front of a live crowd:
“Absolutely! 110%! I miss Honor Nation! I can’t wait for the first “This Is Awesome” chant! And, personally, I love to travel. So, it has been difficult not getting to travel as much this year.”.

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