3/24/21 MLW Fusion Report

Mar 24, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

Fusion opens up with a Josef Samael promo. He spoke about infidels rising up against Contra Unit, but he can smell their fear. Samael mocked the idea of Calvin Tankman claiming he would take the MLW World Heavyweight Championship from Jacob Fatu next week. “That’s what they all say before their execution,” Samael said. He added that there is no escaping the execution that awaits Tankman next week, but first he must survive the night…

Commentators for the night are Rich Bocchini & Saint Laurent. Blake Chadwick is the ring announcer.

Match #1: Gino Medina defeated Zenshi

Alicia Atout stated that Tom Lawlor claimed he was injured an unable to compete in the main event. She wondered whether the main event would occur…

Highlights aired of Mil Muertes stealing the MLW National Openweight Championship from Alexander Hammerstone. Laurent said Muertes would be in action after a break.

Match #2: Mil Muertes defeated Gringo Loco with the Straight to Hell.

Alexander Hammerstone delivered a backstage promo. He said he’s sick of people asking if Muertes beat him for the MLW National Openweight Championship. He said he worked his ass off to make the belt prestigious, but Muertes stole it and walks around like he’s a champion. Hammerstone said Muertes had time to post photos of himself with the belt on social media, but he apparently didn’t have time to respond to his challenge. Hammerstone challenged Muertes to face him for the championship on the April 14 edition of Fusion…

Backstage, Atout said she spoke with the MLW doctor and MLW officials, and Lawlor has a biceps injury that will keep him out of the match. She said that the match would still take place without him and ACH, meaning it would be The Von Erichs vs. Garrini and Ku instead.

A Calvin Tankman video package aired. He spoke about having a six year-old, which gives him ten years to pay for her car and twelve years to pay for college. He said that while everyone will quit, he shakes his head, gets back up, dusts himself off, and swings for the fences.

The PWI Top 5 for the MLW World Tag Team Titles this week are:

#5 The Dirty Blondes
#4 Contra Unit
#3 Injustice
#2 Violence is Forever
#1 The Von Erichs

Bocchini announced that Bu Ku Dao would be sidelined for two to three weeks after being attacked by TJP last week. He read through some social media posts from TJP that mocked Dao, and announced that TJP had been fined $25,000 for the attack.

Match #3: Calvin Tankman defeated a Sentai Death Squad Member with a spinning backfist. After the match, Jacob Fatu, Daivari, and Simon Gotch walked to ringside. Tankman performed a dive onto them. Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver ran out and helped Tankman fight the Contra members. Tankman performed his Tankman Driver finisher on Daivari in the ring while the others brawled at ringside. Laurent said that there will be a new MLW Champion if Tankman can hit the move on Fatu next week.

Ross and Marshall Von Erich delivered a promo from an echoey locker room. They accused Tom Lawlor of faking the injury to get out of the match. Marshall said he would use the chain as a bullrope. Marshall got fired up. Ross told him to save it for the ring.

Salina de la Renta was talking on the phone when a cameraman asked her if Mil Muertes would accept Hammerstone’s challenge. She confirmed that the challenge had been accepted. She was asked about Azteca Underground. She told the cameraman that it was above his pay grade, then spoke in Spanish. The AU rep showed up and said no comment, then indicated that El Jefe wasn’t happy. The rep put his hand over the camera.

The upcoming fights graphic listed Never Say Never for next week, an MLW Underground episode for April 7, and the Hammerstone vs. Muertes match for the MLW National Openweight Championship for April 14

Tom Lawlor delivered a promo in front of the MLW backdrop. He said Team Filthy wouldn’t let the night go to waste. He spoke about what Garrini and Ku would do to the Von Erichs. He said the Von Erichs would pay for their transgressions at the hands of Violence is Forever.

Atout hosted the Never Say Never control center and hyped Jordan Oliver vs. Simon Gotch, Myron Reed vs. Daivari, and Fatu vs. Tankman for the MLW Heayweight Championship… Laurent read through the tale of the tape for the main event.

Match #4: The Von Erichs defeated Violence is Forever in a Chain Ropes Match.

A video package aired on the Injustice vs. Contra Unit feud followed by highlights of Tankman while a graphic hyped the Never Say Never themed edition for next week.

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