Impact Results 3/23/21

Mar 23, 2021 - by Scott Porter

We start this week’s show 5 mins in.  Matt Stryker mentions AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega is in the building!

Match 1.  Deonna Purrazzo (Knockouts Champion) VS Jazz (Non title match)

Sorry for the slow start.  We had some technical difficulties.  Susan is on the outside with Jordynne Grace.  After Susan uses her shoe on Grace on the outside, she trips Jazz off the ropes and Deonna gets the pin.

Winner.   Deonna Purrazzo

The Good Brothers are shown in the back in the locker room.  Eddie Edwards kicks them out.  He says they don’t belong with the Impact wrestlers.  They leave, but Decay takes a few verbal cheap shots at the former champs before they can leave.  It appears they are being labeled outcasts for their friendship with Kenny Omega.

Back at Swinger’s Palace, Johnny has filmed at commercial for his establishment with a few of his pals.  This segment is fantastic.  Johnny refers to himself as a white meat babyface.

Rohit is walking backstage and stumbles upon Fallah, who is sleeping under a table.  Rohit says he has become a bum.  Rohit tells him to get himself together.  Fallah challenges him to a fight later.

Match 2. X Division Title Match.  TJP VS Ace Austin (Champion) with Madman Fulton

The two spend a few mins going back in forth trying to tie each other up. TJP hits a few upper cuts and whips Austin across the ring.  He then tosses Ace to the outside and dives onto him.  Ace hits a kick to the back of TJP’s head.  TJP and Ace go to the top rope and TJP hits a Gord Buster from the top to the mat.    We then go to break.

Austin is on the attack as we return.  He has TJP tied up in a One legged Boston Crab.  TJP breaks the hold, but Ace stays in control with a kick to the midsection and Ace chicken wings the arms.  TJP stands out of the hold and reverses the hold and locks on an abdominal stretch.  Ace breaks the hold but TJP hits a kick, and high knee strike.  That knee wasn’t the only one though, he connected several more and finally got a two count.

TJP seemed to have the match in control, but Ace hits a spin kick out of nowhere.  He then hit a jumping legdrop off the top rope.  TJP recovers and somehow locks on the octopus.  This transfers into a armbar, but Madman Fulton pulls Ace to the ropes.  TJP runs off Fulton, but takes knees to the chest when he launched himself from the top rope onto Ace.  TJP hits another knee and Frog Splash.  Fulton charges the ring.  The ref calls for the DQ.

Winner by DQ.  TJP (still champion Ace Austin)

Post Match, Fulton is all over TJP and hits a Choke Slam.  Josh Alexander hits the ring with a chair to make the save.

Matt Cardona is interviewed backstage.  He says he is happy to be in Impact Wrestling.  He mentions Moose as a future potential foe.  Brian Myers is brought up.  He says he is not here to be tied with him, but Myers won’t stop talking about him.

Trey and XXXL are arguing backstage.  Tommy Dreamer comes up and makes light of Kenny Omega’s Exploding Ring Match.  This lightens the mood and XXXL walks off.  Trey tells Dreamer he wants Sami Callahan.  Tommy warns him not to let his hatred get the best of him.

Match 3.  Rohit Raju VS Fallah Bahh

Rohit takes Fallah off his feet, by using his amazing kicks, but Fallah rises to his feet with anger.  That anger led Fallah to connecting with a few palm strikes and a twisting slam.  Fallah missed the bonzi splash.  Rohit hits the double stomp to the chest for a two count.  Rohit charges but takes a headbutt.  Fallah misses the sitdown splash and Rohit rolls him up for the pin.

Winner. Rohit Raju.

Don Callus and Kenny Omega are approached backstage and tell the interviewer to beat it.  They say they will do all their talking in the ring.

This AEW Paid For Commercial not only has Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone, but Don Callus and Kenny Omega.  They bring up the match Omega has with Matt Sydal tomorrow night.  Omega and Callus leave in disgust.  They also run down the rest of the card on Dynamite tomorrow.

The Good Brothers are trying to get in Kenny Omega’s locker room.  The Good Brothers are frustrated that nobody answers the door when they knock.

Kenny Omega and Don Callus make their way to the ring.  Omega is wearing a flamboyant jacket and shoes, carrying the AEW World Championship in his hand.  He grabs the mic and screams at the person for being late handing him the mic.  Don says this is your home.  We can fire that guy.  Don and Omega agree that Rich Swann is a great person and wrestler.  Callus says he can make money, have a beautiful wife and recover from a broken leg, but he can’t kick out of a One Winged Angel.  (Omega is very much acting like a 1980’s NWA Champion, Ric Flair.)  Omega says this 25 lbs of gold isn’t enough.  They mention top champions over the decades, Omega wants competition.  He wants to suck all the competition out of every promotion and nobody will kick out of the One Winged Angel.    We watch a video clip of Omega hitting the move on several wrestlers, including Swann back in January.  Omega tells the camera that Swann will be a footnote in his personal history.  He says his debut in Impact was the greatest day in the history of the company, but just another Tuesday to him.  He says nobody can beat him.  Nobody will take this belt and (the Impact Belt) off of him until he is dead.  He says this journey is bigger than wrestling.  Callus says at Rebellion they will make history.

Great promo.

EY is shown in another vignette for Violent by DesignRhino, Doering and Cody are shown in a prison looking sadistic and ready to inflict hell on the entire roster.  EY is shown baptizing Rhino.  He is now where a military style jacket.  Rhino says it is time for us.

Nevaeh and Havok are on a high after the win last week.  They say they want the tag belts.  Just then Fire and the Flave show up and say they have to earn a match for the belts.  Dashwood and Kaleb with a K show up after the tag champs leave.  Dashwood reminds the ladies they still have the wrong partner.  Havok says you will not be my partner.  Dashwood says she was talking to Nevaeh.  She walks off and Havok and Nevaeh look confused.

Match 4.  Trey Miguel VS Acey Romero (and Larry D)

Acey immediately takes Trey off his feet to the floor, but when Acey follows, Trey is ready.  He gets the advantage.  He tosses Acey in the ring and goes to the top rope.  Acey is ready and catches him and hits the sidewalk slam, as we go to break.

Stryker and D’Lo are still talking about Kenny Omega’s interview as we return from break.  They normally stick to the match at hand.

Acey has Trey’s arms chicken winged behind Trey’s back.  Trey rolls threw and hits a scorpion kick and then hits a jumping cutter.  Larry is on the outside shouting encouragement.  Trey kicks out the knee of Acey and hits a few kicks to the body and has a two count.  Trey bounces the ropes and Acey hits the pounce!  Trey flew 8 feet.  Acey gets a two count.  Trey recovers and hits a diamond cutter and a Meteora for the pin.

Winner.  Trey

Larry D charges the ring and attacks Trey.  Acey joins and they lay on the beat down until..  Sami Callahan makes the save!   Ok.. WOW that makes no sense.  Trey is confused, but that really make sense when you watch enough of Sami.  He loves to keep the person he is feuding against confuesed.

Rich Swann is interviewed backstage.  He has battled adversity all his life.  He runs down his past issues and asks if mind games are going to phase him at all.  He says no way.  He says he has always got the best of his foes.  He says he got the best of Omega in every situation except the moment he hit the One Winged Angel.  Swann says he wiill not let that happen again.  He asks Omega what he is going to do against every other instance in the match when he was in control.

James Storm and Chris Sabin are interviewed backstage.  James says he has had 999 matches in Impact Wrestling.  He says he will drink beer when he has his 100th.  He calls out EY and Violent By Design.  Scott D’Amore says next week we are going old school and having EY VS James Storm.  Sabin is just standing their with a smirk.  This match will happen next week.  Storm says sorry about your damn luck to EY.

Match 5.  Karl Anderson (with Doc Gallows) VS Eddie Edwards.

Stryker mentions Edwards was trained in NOAH (in Japan) for 2005 to 2013.  Anderson didn’t even get there until 2013.  He isn’t the only man in the ring to cut his teeth in a Japanese Dojo.  Edwards starts the match with a clothesline that sprawls Anderson to the floor.  He then planchas himself onto Anderson and Gallows on the outside.  D’Lo says this will be the last break of the night.  We go to commercial.

Back from break, the two are going at it back and forth in the center of the ring.  Anderson locks on a rear chin lock to finally settle the match down.  Eddie tries to stand out of it, but Anderson pulls him to the ground.  Anderson hits a back elbow next of a whip off the ropes.  Anderson hits a clothesline off the ropes next.

Edwards has finally had enough and hits a couple chops and a Gord Buster.  He then htis a kick to the face and a Backpack Stunner.  Eddie gets a two count off a Blue Thunder Bomb.  Eddie is shocked Karl kicked out.  The two start trading strong style blows in the center of the ring.  This goes back and forth until Anderson hits a running push kick and gets a two count on Edwards.

Anderson is frustrated now.  Eddie blocks a Gun Stun.  Eddie school boys Anderson for a two count.  Gallows hits Eddie with a chair from the outside, Eddie falls into a Spinebuster and gets the pin.

Winner.. Karl Anderson.

On the Tron we see Fin Juice in Tokyo.  They boast that they have been defending the belts all over Japan.  They tell The Good Brothers they know they hate to carry their own bags, but at least their luggage is lighter now.  They show the belts and tell them they will see them at Rebellion.


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