Ashley Grace

Mar 23, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Ashley Grace
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 106 lbs.
Date of Birth: October 11, 1995
Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Pro Debut: October 11, 2014
Trained By: SoCal Crazy, Tommy Wilson, David E. Jones & Ryan Stone
Finishing Move: Frankensteiner


– October 11, 2014, Grace would make her in ring debut by competing in the SCP Royal Rumble.
– October 24th, Grace competed in a Battle Royal at FUW Trick or Beating.
– November 1st, Grace & Kitana Vera defeated Casanova Fantastico & Incendio Calavera at SCP Final Trip to Al Katrazz.
– December 12th, Grace won a 3-Way at FUW Winter Wonderslam.
– January 15, 2015, Grace defeated The Drag Queen at FUW Last Call.
– February 7th, Grace defeated Danny Limelight at SCP Gold Fever.
– March 14th, Grace & Tommy Wilson lost to Vera Crazy (SoCal Crazy & Kitana Vera) at SCP March Madness.
– March 20th, Grace competed in a 3-Way at AOW Tag Wars ’15.
– April 18th, Grace lost to Kitana Vera at the SCP 8 Year Anniversary Show.
– May 16th, Grace & Motros lost to Kitana Vera & King’s Jester at SCP May Day ’15.
– October 24th, Grace challenged LuFisto for the AOW Women’s Title.
– December 19th, Grace won a 3-Way at AOW Ghost of Christmas Bash.
– January 9, 2016, Grace & Commando lost to Ricky Mandel & Kitana Vera at SCP New Year’s Retribution ’16.
– January 31st, Grace won the AOW Women’s Title by winning a 3-Way.
– February 19th, Grace lost to Sage Sin on BTW Dangerous Damsels.
– April 10th, Grace lost to Kahmora at CWFH Coastline Clash.
– April 15th, Grace defeated Kitana Vera at EWF San Bernadino Strong.
– June 4th, Grace lost to Sage Sin Supreme at UEW Vicious Vortex.
– July 10th, Grace defeated LuFisto to win the AOW Women’s Title.
– September 11th, Grace lost to Raze at CWFH Milestone ’16.
– September 17th, Grace retained the AOW Women’s Title in a 3-Way.
– September 18th, Grace competed in the AOW Valley Rumble ’16.
– September 24th, Grace & Raze defeated Datura & Kitana Vera at AWS Ladies Night 2.
– October 6th, Grace & Diosa Athena lost to Keneisha Moon & Maritza Janett at EWF The Big Event.
– December 11th, Grace would lose a No DQ, No Count Out match to Ruby Raze at AOW Ghost of Christmas Bash ’16.
– June 18, 2017, Grace lost the AOW Women’s Title to Kat Von Heez.
– July 28th, Grace & Tommy Wilson lost to Ray Lyn & Peter Avalon at the Vendetta Pro Vendettaversary 8.
– September 17th, Grace lost to Hudson Envy at AOW Attitude ’17.
– August 12, 2018, Grace & Mathias Starkey defeated Simon Lotto & Steven Andrews at AOW Tag Wars ’18.
– September 15th, Grace defeated Auntie Hydie to win the vacant D6W Women’s Title.
– October 6th, Grace would retain the title against Mariah Moreno.
– December 8th, Grace lost the title to Auntie Hydie in a Casket match.
– January 20, 2019, Grace competed in a 3-Way at AOW Unleashed VIII.

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