Ben Askren invited to WWE’s Performance Center

Mar 21, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Chris Van Vliet:

I wanted to let you know about the interview I did with retired UFC fighter Ben Askren for my podcast Insight with Chris Van Vliet as he gets ready for his highly publicized boxing match against YouTube star Jake Paul on April 17th.

During our conversation, he told me that WWE has been very interested in working with him and that he visited the Performance Center in October.

Askren visited the WWE Performance Center in October:
“I went down there in October. It was fun, they were really cool… I left with an open door there. I’m running my Askren Wrestling Academy business so I don’t think it’s something I would do full time but I would be interested in doing a little something with them. I really like them, everyone there was really cool and they run a really professional operation down there, it was awesome.”

He says Gerald Brisco tried to recruit him for WWE when he was a college wrestler:
“There was this guy named Gerald Brisco, he would always come to the NCAA tournaments and actually you know the thing he used to always tell me? He would tell me like every single year, ‘Ben if you were over 200 pounds I could make you a million dollars’. And I said, ‘Gerry, I’m not going to be that big ever. So, sorry. And I want to wrestle in the Olympics. I’m just not that interested’. So actually when I was at the Performance Center, Gerald came over and we bulls****ted and he’s a great guy.”

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