McMahon ordered Jericho to delete photo of him sleeping on flight

Mar 20, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Photo Credit: Photo credit: WWE

Vince McMahon Ordered Chris Jericho To Delete Photo Of Him Sleeping On Flight

While speaking on a episode of the Talk Is Jericho podcast With Paul Wight, Chris Jericho talked about a story where he took a photo of Vince McMahon sleeping and showed it to him….Vince McMahon was said to be furious and ordered Jericho to delete the photo.

“I stayed up on one of those flights one time as long as he did. We were together,” Wight stated. “That entire trip, he never closed his eyes. He worked the whole time. He won’t sleep.“He hates it when people see him sleeping,”

Jericho revealed. “I took a picture of him sleeping on one of those trips, and I showed it to him. And I said, ‘You actually do sleep.’ He didn’t laugh. He didn’t smile. He said, ‘Delete that now,’ and I was like, ‘Okay, you’re crazy man.’ He didn’t find it funny.”

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  1. Taxx W. Hoodchicken says:

    Jeri-slow should’ve UPLOADED to cloud or text to himself in a secret file, THEN


    Too busy tryna get brownie buddy points with the boss. Grown men kissing ass, I swear wrestlers are disgustingly sad, insecure, and wishy washy. I respect my boss but I don’t need to spend ANY time or have ANY conversation with him outside of work.

    Too busy tryna be “over” with the boss.

  2. Pisto75666 says:

    Except your job 7-11 doesn’t include you being on TV, does it?

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