RVD reveals why WWE romance Angle With Stephanie McMahon was dropped

Mar 19, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Photo Credit: Photo credit: WWE

Rob Van Dam Reveals Why #WWE Romance Angle With Stephanie McMahon Was Dropped

Speaking with The Dropkick Podcast, RVD discussed His first jumped to WWE, That he revealed he was supposed to work a romantic storyline with Stephanie McMahon.

“Something that comes to mind is when I first got there they wanted me to do a bit of a romance angle with Stephanie and myself. And my evil ex was like the most insecure b—h on the planet and I was like thinking, ‘oh my God, this gonna cost me so much grief at home.’ We had a talk, me and Stephanie, and she said, ‘you know, just think of this like you’re an actor..
I was like, ‘that’s cool, except you call me Joe Blow because I’ve been Rob Van Dam for the last ten years’.”

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