Shawn Michaels Regrets Coming Out of Retirement, Addresses His Behavior in the 90’s

Mar 18, 2021 - by James Walsh

Shawn Michaels looks back at his one-time return to the ring at WWE Crown Jewel in 2018 as a career regret at this point, as he noted in a new interview. HBK spoke with the New York Post for a new interview and discussed his regrets for doing the match, which was poorly received by both critics and fans. You can see highlights from his discussion below:

On regretting coming out of retirement for the match: “I do. I had no idea that from Mark’s standpoint he was looking at it as that might be one he could walk away on … That’s something that I think to myself now, ‘Oh my goodness I wish that I’d have known that.’”

On his mindset going into the match: “For me it was [fun]. It was just a chance to be with my buddies … [it] lives in a separate world to me [from the rest of my career]. All I can do is apologize to the guys.”

On sticking to his retirement: “I think people have always been kind of confused with my peace and joy with the way I did things and that somehow there should be something nagging at me, something left unfinished. I think it’s hard for people to not always see me as Shawn Michaels and I see the entire picture and I know the guy who started as a 200-pound guy that wasn’t supposed to make it. So for me, I compare that to what I did get the opportunity to do and it’s hard not to be happy about that.”


Michaels recently spoke with Inside the Ropes about a number of different subjects, including the Heartbreak Kid’s infamous behavior in the 1990s that garnered him the reputation as a bad boy. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says if a talent acted the way he did he would suggest to let them go:

I don’t know. I don’t think I’d deal with them and I’d probably suggest that we let him go, he’s going to be nothing but trouble, no matter how talented he is. Either that or get him help. Honestly, that would be the biggest thing. Especially, as I look at it, I think to myself, ‘Well, I… I was good at my job.

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