Doug Williams still under contract to ROH

Mar 17, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

During a recent interview Doug Williams revealed he is still under contract with ROH through the end of the year.

“I did sign with Ring of Honor to do the Past vs. Present show and then the Pure Tournament as well and for me that was kind of my last hurrah. The last seven, eight years they hadn’t really seen much of me so it was like my last chance to go back to the States and put myself out there in front of the American fans and unfortunately that never happened, did it? Cause all those shows got cancelled so yeah, definitely one of my goals is to come back to America and remind the fans who Doug Williams is and what I can do.”I am under contract to Ring of Honor so I have highlighted them, but obvious it was the same last year anyways, but I’m active and when that time comes if they want to use me still. It runs til the end of this year so we’ll see if they come up with anything, but that’s probably where I’m going to go if I’m gonna go anywhere for the States,” he said.

Williams said neck surgery in 2019 caused many symptoms he was dealing with following his 2018 retirement to go away, allowing him to make a handful of Independent appearances. He also noted that he wants to help younger talent upon his return.

It is unknown when Williams will step back in the ring.

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