Impact Report, 3/16/21

Mar 16, 2021 - by Scott Porter

The fall of from Sacrifice will begin tonight.  NJPW invaders, Juice Robinson and David Finley have captured the Impact World Tag Team Championships from The Good Brothers and Rich Swann has become Impact Unified World Champion, defeating Moose for the TNA World Championship.

Match 1.  XXXL VS Juice Robinson and David Finley (Impact World Tag Team Champions)

The new champs are proving to be worthy champions, as they put the belts on the line against XXXL.  Larry and Acey use their weight to manhandle the champs in the beginning.  The momentum changes when Acey misses a senton and lands on Larry D.  Larry gets double teamed by FinJuice.  Finley hits an Acid drop for the pin.

Winners and still Champions, FinJuice

The Good Brothers walk in the arena.  The Good Brothers say they have been very busy and with all they had going on, they were not prepared.  They want a rematch.  Finley says they have to go back to Japan for a few weeks.  They will see them in April.  The Good Brothers loose it and attack FinJuice.  Juice and Finley leave laughing at the GBs, while they hold the belts high.

The Good Brothers are shown telling Scott D’Amore they were cheated by FinJuice.  D’Amore says they will get their return match at Rebellion in April.  Tommy Dreamer walks in saying he thinks FinJuice is bad for Impact.  D’Amore starts going off on Dreamer, saying him and Paul ran a company into the ground.  Tommy then says here is the card we should have for the Hard For Justice PPV.

Match 2.  Rhino (with Violent by Design) VS Jake Something (with Chris Sabin and James Storm)

The returning Vet, Rhino looks to knock Jake down a peg.  Jake has got the best of his cousin, (Cody) Deaner.  Rhino hits a quick spear and this is over that quick.

Winner.  Rhino

Violent by Design then to take out Sabin and Storm after the match.  An enraged EY is seen screaming at the camera as the segment ends.

Match 3.  Rohit Raju VS Sheara

Sheara is massive.  He starts the match laying in clubbing blows to Rohit, who bails to the outside.  Rohit is a much more talented and experienced grappler, but Sheara can take him out with one shot.  Rohit re-enters and rakes the eyes of Sheara on the ropes.  Sheara tries to fight back, but so far it is not working.  Rohit relentlessly cannonballs himself on to the down and cornered, Sheara.

Rohit goes to the top rope, but Sheara catches Rohit and hits a slam.  Sheara gets tripped by Rohit and Rohit puts his feet on the ropes for the cheap win.

Winner Rohit

Willie Mack is shown congratulating his friend, Rich Swann on his win this past Saturday.

Swann heads out to ramp and to the ring.  He is carrying both belts.  He gives congrats to Moose, but says at Rebellion he will find out who the real World Champion is, when he faces AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega.

Don Callus enters the ring from the ramp.  He gives praise to the new Unified Impact World Champion.  Don says he brought Swann to the company and fought to keep him there.  Callus says he is proud of Swann, but Kenny Omega is family.  His uncle, The Sheik trained him.  Callus starts to twist the knife in Swann’s back with his words.  He says you probably a celebration when you became a double champ, but you lost to Kenny Omega with the One Winged Angel in January.  So now that is hanging over Swann’s head.  Callus says he has been there for all Omega’s wins against Okada, Moxley and the list goes on.  Callus says you will now be part of that history.  Callus says sleep well and walks off to the wedding march music.

Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan are back again this week.   The St Patrick’s Day Slam is tomorrow.  They go over the matches for tomorrow on Dynamite.  Thunder Rosa Vs Britt Baker in the Main Event.

Brian Myers and Matt Cardona are shown arguing again backstage.  Myers says he doesn’t want him in Impact.  He then says get lost.

Match 4.  Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) Knockouts Tag Champs, Fire and Flava, Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee and Susan VS Jordynne Grace, Jazz, ODB, Alisha, Havok and Nevaeh

Alisha and Dashwood start for their teams.  Tenille connects with a strong forearm.  Alisha is already almost out on her feet.  Dashwood misses a splash and then Alisha tags ODB.  ODB hits the Bronco buster.  Susan tags in and Nevaeh does as well.  Kimber tags in and gets snap marred.  Havok tags in and hits a backbreaker.  Hogan tags in and she tosses Hogan twice across the ring twice.  Jazz and Purrazzo tag in.  Jazz knocks Purrazzo from the ring with punches to the face.  The match breaks down and everyone goes to the outside except Grace and Steelz.  They duke it out, but then decide to dive together onto everyone on the outside as we go to break.

Back from break, Alisha Edwards is getting pounded in the corner.  She needs to get away, but the fast tags make it almost impossible.  Susan finally gets fought off and Grace tags in.  Kimber takes a Grace Driver for a two count.  Jazz tags in and Kimber takes further punishment, before hitting a sidewalk slam.  Alisha tags back in and hits a tilt a whirl.  Havok comes in Nevaeh joins.  This match has completely fallen apart.  Grace hits  clothesline on Steelz.  Jazz hits a X Factor on Kimber for a two count.  Jazz then locks on the STF and Kimber taps.

Winners.  Grace, Jazz, ODB, Alisha, Havok and Nevaeh

Ace Austin is interviewed by Gia backstage.  He stands tall as the new Impact X Division Champion, fresh off his win at Sacrifice.  Chris Bey interrupts and says he beat him (Ace) last week.  Josh Alexander says he should be at the top of the contender list.  TJP walks in and says he has a rematch next week.  Madman Fulton, the heavy for Austin, looks like he wants to rip TJP’s head off.

Match 5.  Sami Callihan VS Trey Miguel

Trey has wanted a piece of Sami since he made his return.  Miguel is super aggressive tonight.  They fight to the top on the ramp.  Trey uses his speed to hit Callihan with some nice kicks.  Sami finally catches Trey and locks on a Boston Crab on the arena floor.  We go to break.

Sami is outbrawling Trey as we return.  He is working the leg.  The match has really slowed down.  Most of the match has been outside the ring thus far.  Sami keeps breaking the refs count.  Trey takes a vicious beal whip into the corner.  from there Sami hits slam. leg lock.

Trey gets free and hits a high kick, but his leg just gives up.  Callihan then hits a ripcord clothesline.  Trey is trying to comeback, but his leg has taken a lot of abuse.  We go to another commercial.

Back and the two are exchanging chops and forearms.  Sami bounces the ropes, but Trey hits a clothesline.  He goes to the top rope. leaps and falls badly on the back leg.  Sami hits a neckbreaker, but Trey kicks out at two.  Sami hits several headbutts and Trey just crumbles.  Sami tries a powerbomb, but Trey reverses it and hits a spin kick.  Trey looks to the top, but realizes he can’t do it.  He tries to lock the Hour Glass Submission.  Sami bites his way out of the hold.  Sami hits a standing clothesline, then a powerbomb for a count of two.  Sami then locks on the STF in the middle of the ring.  Sami switches to the crossface and Trey gets to the ropes.  Trey goes to the outside for a break.

Callihan follows him.  Sami sets trey up on the barricade.  He hits a few chops and stops the ref count.  Trey ran up the steps and used the bottom rope to bounce off and cutter Sami on the floor.  Cool move.  Sami recovers and kicks Trey into the steps.. head first.

The two meet center ring.  Trey knocks him off his feet somehow, but he looks lost.  Trey goes to the top rope, but Sami knocks him off and piledrives him for the pin.

Winner with a Package Piledriver… Sami Callihan




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