Bayley: “Not having a crowd is I think what helped me most”

Mar 16, 2021 - by James Walsh

In a recent interview on After the Bell with Corey Graves, Bayley discussed the evolution of her character in WWE, her talk show segment on SmackDown, and much more. You can read highlights from Bayley below.

Bayley on how having no crowds helped evolve her character in WWE: “Not having a crowd is I think what helped me most. For one, I was having trouble trying to make the crowd believe, trying to make the fans believe, that this is me now. I was with a ponytail and being a hugger for so long that it was hard for them to see me in this different character. They had like a weird, not reacting, don’t believe it, and weren’t buying into it. Then when we got to the PC, I thought it was going to be a one-night thing and then the more we did it without fans, it was like, you know what, I don’t have to worry about them. I can play off my opponents. I can play off Sasha who’s my tag partner……I think that’s what helped me find what annoying bad guy I really want to be. That’s also a part of who I am personally and how I am with my friends. I’m the annoying person who just pushes two many buttons and goes too far.”

Bayley on making the transition from being a babyface to a heel: “I knew I had to go from being a good guy to being a bad guy. That was what I had to do. I knew I had to do a complete 180 for people to believe me and for people to buy into it. I had to do the complete opposite of what I was doing. I was there for the kids, I was all about the kids, I wanted to give them someone to look up to. I wanted all the little Bayleys in the crowd to have someone to cheer for like I did. But now, I have to be the complete opposite, so now I hate all the children and little Bayleys in the crowd. I knew I had to cut my hair, I knew I had to stop wearing colors, I knew I had to be just a complete jerk. I knew I had to shed the snakeskin and forget about it.”

On the idea behind her Ding Dong, Hello segment on SmackDown: “This whole talk show thing, it wasn’t even my idea. It wasn’t even something where I went to them and said hey, I’d love to do a talk show. I was the complete opposite of anything you see on TV now. I would get in front of Dusty and I would freak out and start shaking. All I wanted to do was wrestle and be in the ring. That’s why I wanted to be in WWE. I didn’t care about talking yet because I didn’t know how to do it yet. I was crying every single word I let out, and I was shivering. Even in my past, it took me a long time to get comfortable even as the hugger character.

“It took a lot of confidence and the fans believing in me. It’s helped me find my words and find my voice and it’s so crazy. It’s something that I thought I was never going to find in WWE. I wanted to be the best wrestler in the world, I wanted to be a champion, I wanted to do it all. I never thought this was going to take me to different heights. My dream was always to be able to do everything. I wanted to be the one superstar that could do it all, and I feel like I’m on my way to do that because this talk show has helped me in a different light.”

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