Charlotte Flair On Her Angle With Lacey Evans and Ric Flair, Working On Her Promo Skills

Mar 15, 2021 - by James Walsh

Charlotte Flair found her first couple of months of 2021 feuding with Lacey Evans about her father Ric, and discussed the storyline in a recent interview. Flair discussed the storyline, which was cut short by Evans’ pregnancy and led to a well-received promo by Flair, with NotSam Wrestling. You can see some highlights below:

On the angle with Ric Flair and Lacey Evans: “It’s definitely not where I thought my 2021 was going to be. But I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about Monday’s promo segment. And I love the fact that people are throwing around the word ‘shoot,’ because that meant it touched home to some people. So yeah, where it goes I don’t know. Obviously, there’s going to be a different direction now, because my stepmom can’t wrestle me [laughs].

On working with her dad again: “I definitely thought that him and Lacey worked well together. Like, I understood it, I got it. I think my biggest struggle was, ‘Well, I’m the daughter of the dirtiest player in the game. Why can’t I be the dirtiest player in the game?’ Like, how or why would I fall for his antics if I’ve already been on camera with him and he was my manager? And that was tremendous, I grew as a performer. It took me to the next level. But I was having a hard time [with] like, ‘Why am I not the dirtiest player in the game?’ Basically, I was throwing a fit, like, ‘I don’t understand. I can’t fall for this. It doesn’t make sense.’ But, I think whatever emotions that were coming through on screen? Whether it be frustrated or angry, or the promo on Monday, it definitely brought out a different side to me the last couple weeks. I think that did exactly what it was supposed to.”

On her promo work: “I wear my heart on my sleeve, yeah. And like, that’s the one thing I’ve never been able to do with my character. Because I like babyface promos and that’s the one thing I told myself, ‘I need to get better at promos.’ I want to get better. Sometimes I felt when I was trying to connect with the audience as a babyface, I’m like, ‘Man, they probably just think I’m whining because they don’t understand where I’m coming from. They don’t understand the pressure I put on myself. They don’t understand what it’s like to be Ric’s kid.’ Just, all it encompasses.

“And I also want to say that nobody puts more pressure on me than I do. I don’t need anyone else to criticize me, I criticize myself enough. But it was like a perfect opportunity to go, ‘Ok, people can empathize with an argument with your parents saying, ‘Let me do this on my own.’’ And I actually felt like I was already past that, where people go, ‘Well she’s past just being Ric’s kid’, because of everything I’ve accomplished. But apparently, it was a different twist.” Like, I tried to explain this to my dad. Even on live events right? Like, telling him how relevant he still is. This was a year or two ago. Even before live events, they have this incredible package of my dad before. And like, here we are in 2021 and the arena is ‘Wooo’-ing before the show. And never want it to go away, but I think it’s very hard to articulate that amount of pressure to people in babyface promos.”

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