Alejandra the Lion

Mar 15, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name:
Date of Birth:
Hometown: El Salvador
Resides: Dallas, Texas
Pro Debut: 2018
Trained By: DFW All Pro Wrestling Academy
Finishing Move:


– June 29th, Alejandra & Reiza Clarke defeated Jenna Lynn & Kiki Vibez at Sabotage Weird City Warfare 3.
– August 4th, Alejandra lost to Erica Torres at VIP The Bell Avenue Beatdown.
– August 25th, Alejandra & Reiza Clarke lost to Jenna Lynn & Tootie Lynn at Sabotage Wrestling The Fire Still Burns.
– October 12th, Alejandra lost to Hyan at Sabotage vs. DFW All Pro. Alejandra would also win a Battle Royal at the same event.
– November 10th, Alejandra lost to Nikki Knight at Sabotage When the Smoke Clears.
– March 2, 2019, Alejandra lost to Ali Bama at Sabotage Hey Ladies 2.
– March 29th, Alejandra won a 4-Way at VIP TexasMania 2.
– May 3rd, Alejandra won a 3-Way at VIP Watch the Throne.
– July 5th, Alejandra competed in a 3-Way at VIP Fight for Dallas.
– September 5th, Alejandra lost to Mercedes Martinez at VIP Setting the Bar V.
– October 5th, Alejandra lost to Alex Gracia at Lion’s Pride Uproar.
– November 1st, Alejandra competed in a 5-Way at VIP Battlelines.
– September 25, 2020, Alejandra defeated Rok-C at VIP Proving Grounds.
– January 29, 2021, Alejandra defeated Rok-C in a No DQ at VIP This Card is Fire.
– February 4th, Alejandra competed in a 3-Way at Promociones Martinez.

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