Jordan Clearwater

Mar 13, 2021 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name:
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 220 lbs.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Pro Debut: February 13, 2016
Trained By: Karl Anderson & Roger Ruffen
Finishing Move: Headlock Bulldog


– Clearwater is nicknamed the Golden Boy. He’s also been known as The Zombie.
– July 9, 2016, Clearwater challenged Anthony Bryant for the NWF Tri-State Title.
– November 26th, Clearwater competed in the Countdown Brawl at NWF Dominance ’16.
– March 25, 2017, Clearwater & David Tyler lost the NWF Tag Team Titles to Tough Justice (Matt Stephens & Ryan Stone).
– May 20th, Clearwater & David Tyler challenged Tough Justice for the NWF Tag Team Titles.
– August 12th, Clearwater defeated Mitch Magnus at WBW Midway Mania ’17 – Tag 2.
– February 3, 2018, Clearwater lost to Cyrus Satin in the second round of the BWCW Rising Star Title Tournament.
– March 17th, Clearwater defeated Kidd Bullet at BWCW/XBW In Your Face ’18.
– August 4th, Clearwater defeated Kidd Bullet at BWCW/XBW Road to McMorran.
– August 25th, Clearwater & Devlin Anderson defeated Tyler Robinson & David Tyler at WBW Clash at the Homecoming Festival V.
– February 8, 2019, Clearwater & Richie Slade defeated Adrian Quest & Andy Brown by DQ at EWF Bend the Knee.
– February 10th, Clearwater lost to Dicky Mayer on CWFH TV.
– February 22nd, Clearwater defeated Dark Usagi at SCP Friday Night Spotlight.
– March 31st, Clearwater competed in a 3-Way at Level Up Student Showcase #4.
– May 3rd, Clearwater won the EWF Great Goliath Rumble to win the vacant EWF American Title.
– June 14th, Clearwater retained the title against Dr. Kruger.
– June 15th, Clearwater defended the title against Black Metal by DQ.
– July 5th, Clearwater retained the title in a 3-Way.
– July 20th, Clearwater defeated Sledge to win the vacant 3PWA Heavyweight Title.
– July 22nd, Clearwater defeated Hyper on CWFH.
– July 28th, Clearwater defeated Robin Shaw on CWFH.
– August 2nd, Clearwater retained the EWF American Title against Ty Ray.
– August 12th, Clearwater & Ray Rosas lost to Reno SCUM (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) on CWFH.
– August 18th, Clearwater competed in the CWFH Red Carpet Rumble.
– September 6th, Clearwater retained the EWF American Title against Andy Brown.
– September 14th, Clearwater defended the title against Ty Ray.
– September 28th, Clearwater retained the title against Honest John.
– October 4th, Clearwater defended the title against Daniel Moon.
– October 7th, Clearwater & Dan Joseph lost to Ty Matthews & Dicky Mayer on CWFH.
– October 19th, Clearwater retained the EWF American Title against Kasai.
– October 28th, Clearwater lost to Dicky Mayer on CWFH.
– November 8th, Clearwater defended the EWF American Title against Archimedes.
– November 29th, Clearwater lost the title to Honest John.
– December 9th, Clearwater defeated Cameron Cole on CWFH.
– January 17, 2020, Clearwater defeated Honest John for the EWF American Title.
– February 24th, Clearwater & Watts defeated Ice Williams & Ray Rosas on CWFH.
– March 9th, Clearwater lost to Ray Rosas in the semi-finals of the CWFH PP3 Cup ’20.
– March 16th, Clearwater defeated Zicky Dice on CWFH.
– April 6th, Clearwater defeated Richie Slade on CWFH.
– August 14th, Clearwater & Clark Connors lost to Barrett Brown & Logan Riegel on NJPW STRONG.
– August 28th, Clearwater lost to Danny Limelight on NJPW STRONG.
– September 15th, Clearwater defeated Will Allday on UWN Primetime Live.
– September 18th, Clearwater, Blake Christian, The DKC & Barrett Brown lost to Logan Riegel, Danny Limelight, Clark Connors & Adrian Quest on NJPW STRONG.
– September 25th, Clearwater lost to Clark Connors in the first round of the NJPW Lion’s Break Crown.
– September 28th, Clearwater defeated Jose Santiago on CWFH.
– October 5th, Clearwater defeated Jack Cartwright on CWFH.
– October 12th, Clearwater defeated Elijah Sparks on CWFH.
– October 26th, Clearwater defeated Lazarus on CWFH.
– November 6th, Clearwater lost to Fred Rosser on NJPW STRONG.
– November 9th, Clearwater defeated Snypes on CWFH.
– November 10th, Clearwater lost to Nick Aldis on NWA Shockwave.
– November 13th, Team Chico (Zombie, Alex Koslov, Chico El Luchador, JTG, Zokre & Taylor Williamson defeated Team Chavo (Chavo Guerrero Jr., Watts, Taya Valkyrie, The Referee Alex Koslov’s Bearded Mother & Sinn Bodhi) at Talk ‘N Shop a Mania 2: Rise of the Torturer.
– November 24th, Clearwater competed in a 3-Way on UWN Primetime Live.
– November 27th, Clearwater & Adrian Quest lost to ACH & Juice Robinson on NJPW STRONG.
– November 30th, Clearwater defeated Ray Rosas for the CWFH Heritage Heavyweight Title.
– December 1st, Clearwater retained the title against Jordan Cruz.
– December 21st, Clearwater defended the title against Will Allday.
– December 28th, Clearwater lost the title to Richie Slade.
– January 22, 2021, Clearwater & Kevin Knight lost to The Riegel Twins (Sterling & Logan Riegel) on NJPW STRONG.
– February 5th, Clearwater, Bateman, Adrian Quest & Misterioso defeated Barrett Brown, Brody King & The Riegel Twins on NJPW STRONG.
– February 12th, Clearwater lost to JR Kratos on NJPW STRONG.
– March 12th, Clearwater lost to Hikuleo in a qualifier for the New Japan Cup USA ’21.

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