NXT UK Wrestler Has New Ring Name

Mar 11, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Breakout star Ben Carter or Benjamin Carter had a vignette air this week as he’ll now be known as Nathan Frazer.

Ben Carter became a huge signing when he made a name for himself last year on AEW Dark. He was to have a match on Dynamite but ended up catching COVID-19. Carter then eventually chose the WWE over AEW and has had a few wins since debuting. He was nicknamed the Prodigy but that may change also. Carter was also trained by Seth Rollins in his Black and Brave Wrestling Academy.

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  1. Matthew P Lightizer says:

    I was expecting his name to change since they have Oliver Carter on NXT:UK and they can’t have two people with the surname Carter on the same brand whom are not related as WWE feels that is too confusing for people. Ben may have asked by WWE what they should call him instead and Ben may have thought Nathan Frazer after thinking about his fellow UK wrestler Nathan Cruz and the boxing legend Joe Frazier.

  2. hans leake says:

    Cute little fella.

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