Joey Ryan drops Pelle Primeau lawsuit, CM Punk comments

Mar 11, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Joey Ryan took to Twitter last night to announce that he has filed to dismiss his defamation lawsuit against former ROH star Pelle Primeau.

The multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed last year amid the fallout from “#SpeakingOut” allegations against Ryan. Primeau had filed to dismiss the lawsuit, but Ryan opposed that request back in December. Ryan announced last night that he has dismissed the suit, which comes two days after he issued a lengthy statement on various issues, his mental health, and how he had dismissed other defamation lawsuits. For those who missed it, you can read that statement at this link.

Ryan noted in Monday’s statement that he had not made a decision on the Primeau lawsuit yet, but now he has. He noted in Wednesday’s tweet that he and Primeau will never agree to the events in question.

“I’ve filed to dismiss the Pennsylvania lawsuit too. We’re all struggling with mental health, myself included. Him and I will never agree as to the events in 2013 but I could be more sympathetic. I went through something similar in 2018 and understand his pain. Hebrews 10:24,” Ryan wrote on Twitter last night.

CM Punk responded to Ryan’s tweet and called on him to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice. This would mean Ryan can no longer pursue the case against Primeau as long as statute of limitations have not expired.

“Dismiss it with prejudice if you mean what you say,” Punk wrote to Ryan.

Ryan has not responded to Punk as of this writing.

Primeau has not acknowledged the dismissal on social media as of this writing. His GoFundMe campaign for legal costs is up to $18,406 of a $35,000 goal.

Stay tuned for more on Ryan. You can see the tweets from Punk and Ryan below:

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