3/11/21 NXT UK Report

Mar 11, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

The show opens up with Andy Shepherd & Nigel McGuinness welcoming us to the BT Sports Studio in London. Francesca Brown is the ring announcer.

Match #1: Tyler Bate defeated Dave Mastiff in a British Rounds match with a corkscrew denton bomb as Bate was the first to score two falls and Mastiff remained With one.

We then see promos from Flash Morgan Webster/ Mark Andrews & Amir Jordan/Kenny Williams as they are determined to get into the tag team title picture with a win tonight. NXT UK will be on next week at 4PM.

A vignette from Aoife Valkyrie airs as she looks into the mirror saying that she is her toughest challenge.

Match #2: Teoman defeated Danny Jones in his NXT UK debut as he used the his crossface finisher for the win.

We see Xia Brookside getting to Nina Samuels to clean house as she still stuck being her personal assistant. Eddie Dennis is shown talking down to Wild Boar as he says since he separated himself from the pack then he’ll need to suffer the consequences as we see Primate & a new Dennis follower grab him as the promo ends. A video package for the very first French female to be signed by the WWE, Amale. Gallus appear in a bar as they decide they need a new plan because the Gallus boys belong on top.

Match #3: Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan defeated Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews as Williams pinned Webster with a headlock driver.

Vignette for Ilja Dragonuv airs as he has been dealing with personal demons that’s been leading to his rage outbursts. He’ll be speaking next week.

Trent Seven says the weigh in for his 205 mark will be on The Bump next week. Ben Carter is seen talking about how this past year has been amazing for him & he’s glad that he got to come home. He’ll now be known as Nathan Frazer. WALTER will be making a statement on next week’s episode.

Match #4: Jack Starz & Piper Niven defeated James Conners & Jinny in the first ever mixed tag team match in NXT UK.

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