Tony Khan responds to tweets from YouTube creator who complained about copyright strike

Mar 10, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

AEW President & CEO Tony Khan responded to a copyright claim complaint by a YouTube creator this afternoon.

The YouTuber, known as GirlOnCinema, complained after she had copyright claims made on two of her videos. One video included footage of the recent MJF – Chris Jericho press conference on Dynamite, while the other included footage on the Shaq and Jade Cargill vs. Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet match.

GOC began jokingly taunting AEW and Khan on Twitter, calling on her fans to help chime in.

She wrote, “BROS. I need your help. SHRIMP DICKS UNITE. @AEW just MANUALLY claimed like 4 of my videos. If you don’t know, that means some a** hole from @AEW (@TonyKhan) is personally claiming my videos.”

She made a follow-up tweet and took a personal shot at Khan.

“The person claiming my content is allowing the content to stay up but claiming ALL ad revenue. As if @TonyKhan doesn’t make enough $$$ off of his daddy. You really need all of the money from a small channel for reviewing your shitty promotion??,” she wrote.

GOC continued with the tweets at Khan, writing, “You know, @TonyKhan, if you need money that badly you can always start a @gofundme..”

GOC made another tweet where she jokingly declared war on AEW.

“Here, @AEW. Take my ad revenue. You obviously need it more than I do [smiling face with halo emoji] But mark my words, this means war. @TonyKhan,” she wrote.

That’s when Khan responded. He apologized for the claim affecting her revenue, and asked if it’s possible to create her content without “illegally pirating videos” that he spends big money to produce.

“Hi, just saw your tweet. I’m sorry this affected your revenue! Is it possible to review the aforementioned clips like these you’ve listed (Jericho/MJF press conference + Jade/Shaq vs. Cody/Red Velvet) without illegally pirating videos that I budget millions per month to produce?,” Khan asked.

GOC then responded to Khan’s tweet with Fair Use information from the website. She then joked that she and Khan “really worked” the fans after she was met with a significant amount of criticism from AEW fans, and also some from fans who agreed with her.

“Well, we really worked em’ @TonyKhan! I’m officially the biggest heel in @AEW!!! GOC IS OFFICIALLY #allelite [rainbow emojis x 5],” she wrote.

GOC made another tweet on the Fair Use information and added, “In case any of you need to understand what fair use is. Just because I’m criticizing something does not mean they can claim my product that is in fact, entirely different and completely fair use.”

GOC made more tweets taunting AEW fans, Khan and the Executive Vice Presidents – Cody Rhodes, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks. No one else has responded, and that single tweet was all Khan had to say to her.

You can see the full tweets from GirlOnCinema and Khan below, along with a few more of her related posts:

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