3/10/21 MLW Fusion Report

Mar 10, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

MLW Fusion opens up with a recap of last week’s main event as Calvin Tankman came out to stop Contra Unit from putting Injustice in the body bags & carrying them away.

Commentators tonight are Saint Laurent & Rich Bocchini. They run down the card for the night & we’ll be heading to the Never Say Never control center. Alicia Atout interviews Calvin Tankman about last week, he says now that he knows what Fatu has and it’s on because he’s here for his family. Injustice shows up and asks him to help them take care of business and they shake hands & hug.

Match #1: Gino Medina defeated Gringo Loco with a kick to the back of the head. After the match he cuts a promo on how we believes he is in a leg of his own. He then calls out Richard Holliday cause he’ll beat his ass for talkin’ shit.

Tom Lawlor cuts a promo on how the Von Erichs won’t get away for destroying his network special “Filthy Island”, so he’ll be sueing them. He does commend ACH for stepping up to take on Kevin Ku. Another vignette for AztecaUnderground.com as well as the MLW Radio Network.

The PWI Top 5 for the MLW World Middleweight Title this week is:
#5 Brian Pillman Jr.
#4 Bu Ku Dao
#3 Myron Reed
#2 Daivari
#1 Laredo Kid

Lio Rush will be defending the MLW World Middleweight Title next week to whomever signs the contract that Rush hung on a wall.

Match #2: ACH defeated Kevin Ku with a Brainbuster. (Dominic Garrini tried to help Ku while the referee was distracted but the Von Erichs arrived to help out ACH).

Next week TJP will go up against Bu Ku Dao. A video package of Mil Muertes airs next. Alicia Atout interviews The Dynasty on how they feel about Mil Muertes, he says everybody looks good when they come to MLW until they go up against your boy Hammer. He then starts discussing LA Park but Salina de la Renta shows up and tells him not to talk about Park like that, Hammer then says you pick anyone in that locker room and the winner will be YBH. Afterwards a promo from from Injustice airs as they tell Los Parks that they are coming after the MLW World Tag Team Titles. An update on the contract Lio Rush hung on his door from Atout as someone as grabbed it and she’ll be reporting back once she finds out whom it was. A video package airs of “Heavyweight Hustle” Calvin Tankman but is interrupted by Daivari & Jacob Fatu as Fatu tells Tankman that he’s living on borrowed time you bitch, you should’ve joined black flag because after I best your ass I’ll be dog walkin’ you all over this place. He also says he’ll be watching Injustice as well.

Alicia Atout welcomes us to the Never Say Never control center as March 31st will be MLW Never Say Never as it’ll be free on YouTube, DAZN, Fubo Sports Network & the ROKU Channel. The main event will be Calvin Tankman challenging Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Heavyweight Title.

Match #3: Alexander Hammerstone retained the MLW National Openweight Championship against LA Park with an elbow to the back of the head. After the match Mil Muertes jumps Hammerstone, he then grabs the title and hands it to Salina de la Renta. Holliday couldn’t come help Hammerstone because himself & Gino Medina were removed from the building while being in an altercation during the match.

The show closes with an Azteca Underground logo burning which is the same symbol from Lucha Underground.

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