The A Show Podcast, EP 2 – Recap

Mar 9, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

Our hosts for the A Show consists of April Hunter & Aron StevensJoin them weekly as they’ll discuss everything from the controversial to the candid, with a little wrestling peppered throughout. Episodes will air on Wednesday through the Hamin Media Group on patreon or check out the free episodes on YouTube. If you enjoy the content & would like help support the channel then please visit and subscribe at

Aron welcomes us to the show that never ends. April would like to thank Aron, all the supporters & Hamin Media Group for helping this happen. The beginning on this episode is focused on questions asked from viewers on the regards or relationships, weirdest valentine’s experience & etiquette that annoys them the most. Aron admits that he’ll most likely be silent towards the relationship topic since he has more issues than the rolling stone. He admits that he usually keeps his personal life to himself but he’s going to try and be more open on how he’s feeling & mention his own personal journey in relationships in what he has learned. 2004, Waffle House & cannolis as being part OVW at the time he wasn’t having a very good day but then he ate a cannoli and ended up being holed up in a hotel room clinging to jugs of flavored water. The girl he was seeing in Kentucky at the time didn’t believe him when he said that he was going through it but instead she thought he was with another woman at the time. Since 2004, he hasn’t been able to enjoy cannolis. April brings up one of her valentine’s she says that she doesn’t really have one but when she began using a dating app, she said this 50+ year old spanish guy kept messaging her on saying “you’re missing out on passion”. She thought it was over but then he kept up by saying “don’t you want real passion”. Now she reflects on a different person she met that sort of started stalking her. She admits this isn’t exactly a valentine’s story but Aron is doing the right thing by taking time off by working on him before looking for someone to be with. Aron puts April on the spot as he says he’d be glad for her to hand out some relationship advice because she’s helped him in the department, if she can help him then she can help anyone. She then mentions that everyone should take a break after a relationship ends because whether they would want to admit it or not we are grieving, hurt or messed up. Also chances are we are dealing with stuff before the relationship actually ended anyway. Take the time to heal, just like being an athlete, say if we are playing football & we sprain a knee. We shouldn’t get back out there because we could tear an ACL or mess up our back, so take time to heal. We all have an Aura about us, bright & low, so when we get out of relationships are aura is low so we’ll connect to someone at the same level. Later on we will start doing better for ourselves and improve and then you’ll see that they aren’t what you thought so then that relationship ends and you go right back to it. Everyone should wait until they are back up to a 9 or a 10 & you’ll find someone on your level. Aron brings up quantum physics and how they’ve proven how cells vibrate & it proves what she says is correct. Aron mentions how he’s seen people (whether it’s right or wrong) just decides to jump directly into a relationship or even looks for one before the other has even ended and it cannot be healthy because you’ll eventually lose yourself. He’s focusing on himself at the moment and not directly looking for a relationship but at the same time he isn’t saying that one cannot happen because he’ll allow it to enter itself into his life but he has certain goals that are first for now. April brings up timing and how sometimes there’s a connection but it isn’t the right time. She feels that men are more focused on timing than women. A lot of men would like to be established before looking for a mate but some women are looking for a mate at any time. Filling the void is the next mention because whether it’s alcohol, netflix, weed or even another person people look for something to fill the void. She says that she believes the worst line in cinematic history is “You Complete Me”. She brings up someone giving her advice one time on them saying you’re supposed to be this awesome delicious cake, you don’t need anyone else. So when someone else might come along then they’re just this optional frosting added to the cake. A lot of people don’t get to experience a deep level because they don’t want to become vulnerable and it leads to intimacy. Sex isn’t intimacy, anyone can have sex. Animals have sex, it’s so simple that anyone can do it. Intimacy is the hard part because when you let someone see who you really are then you’ve become vulnerable and you’re afraid of letting someone see the true you. He agrees with the timing issue because he looks back at having the right person but since he was in a bad place it was the wrong time. Oil & water doesn’t mix but it doesn’t make one or the other bad it’s just that they are on a different level at the time. She says that when relationships don’t work out it doesn’t make them a failure but a learning experience. Love isn’t enough because of future plans and they say opposites attract and that’s true to a degree but it’s not true to another degree when your values and morals are the same you have a really good chance of surviving, you have a really good chance of being a good match. Being eco-friendly, having/raising children of spending money becomes factors. Some people look at another person and say what is this person doing for me. He then agrees on that point in saying it’s selfish. It’ll pay off if you can think of other people first for a change. Especially if you’re having a bad day to get the door, be nicer or ask them about their day for a change, which includes relationships as well. You don’t want to forget who you are though while putting other people first. A lot of people focus on things that aren’t getting in a relationship rather than the things they are actually getting. Resentment can be the killer of all relationships so try and let it go, do something for the other person and they’ll most likely give you what you’re looking for. Learn your person’s love language. Morals & values is brought up next in what Aron looks for in someone first because he’ll see if someone returns a shopping cart or even how they treat waiters & waitresses. How people act on the surface. Two different people with differently aligned morals & values can either meet in the middle or it won’t work out. Aron doesn’t want any subscribers that treat the waiting staff disrespectful (kidding not kidding). He chooses kindness on how to act to other individuals.

Next topic they answer etiquette pet peeves on things that they or fans cannot stand, April begins with left lane drivers as it’s a law so move over! The passing lane is there for a reason, especially since it’s proven now that more accidents are caused by slow drivers rather than fast drivers. Aron brings up people walking down the middle of an isle at grocery stores or even stopping to talk to other people. April mentions people picking things from a pharmacy drive-thru as some people will remain in the way while they put everything away rather than moving forward. She hates time thieves, for example asking questions rather then reading all the info which is right in front of them. Time is the most valuable resource in the world because you’ll never get it back. Opening the door for someone and they don’t say thank you is mentioned next, Aron says that once you do something kind for someone and you’re expecting a thank you or gesture then it’s considered a transactional act. But if you just do it to do it then he feels it’ll come back to you eventually. If you’re walking across the street and a car gives you the right away then at least give them a wave out of courtesy. More traffic issues are discussed as Aron mentions how he lived in Puerto Rico for a year and a half and they didn’t have much traffic laws but at least they knew what was going on. Next topic is about people who don’t actually know how to have a conversation, a lot of people just like go talk at someone rather than letting them get a few words in here and there. Aron’s example on the topic is when he decided to go back on the road again with the NWA he needed to get a new travel bag and since he was on the road so long they have to have a certain setup and certain bag they like for certain things. He went home and decided he didn’t like it so he’ll exchange it but when he tried to exchange it the clerk at the store was on his phone while he was at a check out lane the teenager couldn’t even practice simple conversations. Self absorption is a problem these days when it comes to social media. Aron has actually managed to never sign up for a dating site so April congratulates him. She brings up the that listening and hearing are two different things and a lot of people aren’t able to actually do it. So maybe this week’s challenge is to try and listen to other people’s views, try to have a conversation with no agenda, no derail the course of direction that intended for the conversation to go and not wait to speak but actually just listen to them. Aron mentions that anyone that chooses to try the weekly assignments can post on Twitter on their page how it’s going trying them or even if they considered trying the assignment. It can be with anybody.

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