Shane McMahon and Braun Strowman notes from Raw

Mar 9, 2021 - by Staff

Braun Strowman took to Twitter after this week’s WWE RAW to issue a warning to Shane McMahon.

RAW featured a bizarre segment where Shane taunted Strowman and took the long route to provoking him and calling him stupid, which upset The Monster Among Men. Earlier in the night Strowman had called Shane to the ring to demand an apology for how he’s been overlooked and ridiculed as of late. Shane came to the ring and stepped to Strowman, said he’s sorry, then quickly left the ring.

Shane later returned to the ring and called Strowman back out. He then cut the bizarre, annoying promo, where it took him a long time to call Strowman stupid. Strowman ended up chasing Shane to the back, but it appeared as if Shane hopped in a white SUV and sped away. Strowman walked away in the opposite direction when Shane re-appeared, revealing that he tricked Braun and wasn’t in the SUV. Shane quietly waved goodbye at Strowman’s back as he walked away, and mumbled to himself about how Strowman is an idiot.

The segment has received a significant of negative feedback on social media.

Strowman must have watched the RAW replay as he responded to Shane in a post-show tweet.

He wrote, “You know @shanemcmahon I would make you eat your words for wasting my time … but I think I’d rather shove my first DOWN YOUR THROAT!!! NO ONE calls me stupid!!!!”

Shane has not responded to Braun as of this writing.

It’s believed that this new storyline will lead to Strowman vs. McMahon at WrestleMania 37, but that has not been confirmed.

Stay tuned for more on Strowman and McMahon. You can see Braun’s post-show tweet below, along with a clip from their RAW segments:

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