More on the Peacock/WWE Network launch

Mar 9, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

As noted earlier this week, WWE and Peacock announced that WWE Network content will begin to roll out on the Peacock platform on Thursday, March 18. The entire WWE content library will not be available at that time, but they are promising that all WWE content will be available for on-demand viewing in time for SummerSlam in late August.

This means that fans in the United States will have to wait several months before they can view much of the WWE library. This confirmation on the content roll out came as a disappointment to many regular WWE Network viewers. Another potential disappointment is that WWE and Peacock are doing away with the match markers.

The on-demand pay-per-view events and shows will no longer be broken up with “markers” to separate them into several different segments that are easy to skip between, according to The Verge.

With the match markers going away, each event will now be just one long stream. Peacock told The Verge that they are working on “visual scrub bar previews” to help viewers find what they want when fast-forwarding through WWE videos.

The WWE Network search feature on Peacock will also be changed for users in the United States after March 18. It was noted that the search feature will not be as robust as it is now on the standalone WWE Network app.

Regarding the search feature, currently viewers are able to search for a specific match or WWE Superstar right there in the search bar. That will not be a feature on Peacock, at least initially. It was noted that this is something fans can expect to improve in the coming months, but even then it might not fully match what is possible now.

Peacock told The Verge that there will be more work to be done to satisfy WWE Network diehards.

Stay tuned for more on Peacock and the WWE Network. You can click here for here for the latest official details on the March 18 launch.

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