Impact Report, 3/9/21

Mar 9, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Match 1.  Tasha Steelz (with Kiera Hogan) VS Jazz (with Jordynne Grace)

Steelz starts the match making fun of Jazz.  Jazz just smirks and takes Tasha down with a arm drag.  The two tie up collar and elbow, Jazz simply pulls Steelz in and Tasha tumbles and rolls to the outside to regroup.  Tasha comes back in and tries to tack tough with Jazz.  Jazz is a former WWE and NWA World Champion.  That simply is not going to work.  Jazz ties up Steelz again and she squirms to the ropes.  She finally gives up on the scientific approach and starts brawling and that works.  She hits a backstabber and locks Jazz in a rear chin lock.  Steelz hits a Falcon Arrow for a two count.  Jazz recovers and hits a haymaker punch two clotheslines and a Samoan Drop.  Jazz hits a sit out powerslam next for a two count.  Kiera jumps on the apron, and Grace pulls her to the ground.  Jazz locks on the STF and Steelz taps.

Winner.  Jazz

This Saturday Jazz and Grace will challenge Hogan and Steelz for the Knockouts tag team championship.

ODB is interviewed backstage.  She says she will become a 5 time champ.  Susan walks up and challenges ODB tonight.  Susan says she will be there alone, she will have nobody with her tonight.

Trey Miguel walks up to Sam. (The trainee from last week Sami Callihan took under his wing.)   Sam challenges Trey to a match.  Trey doesn’t want to do it, but Sam says Sami Callihan told him Trey would say that.  Trey then says fine… he will fight him and get embarrassed tonight.  (NOTE… Sam and Sami Callihan are not the same person, they haven’t said Sam’s last name yet.)

Sacrifice is this Saturday.  A Moose hype package is next.  He faces Rich Swann as the TNA World Champion VS The Impact World Champion.

Match 2.  Rohit Raju and Shera VS Chris Sabin and James Storm

Rohit and Sabin start the match.  It is all Sabin to start off.  Storm tags in and the two hits some lethal combinations to get a two count.  Storm then tossed Rohit at Shera so he could tag in.  The two big men start pounding on each other.  Shera hits a big boot to the face.  Storm tags in and he and Sabin double team Shera in the corner and take him off his feet, as we go to break.

Back from break, Shera has taken control over Sabin.  He taunts Storm on the outside.  Rohit tags in and fights off both Rohit and Shera and makes a tag.  Storm makes the hot tag and hits a spinebuster after a couple inverted atomic drops.  Sabin tags in and he covers Rohit for a two count.  Sabin tags Storm Rohit hits a jumping knee strike.  Shera just enters and Rohit starts yelling at Shera.  Sabin dropkicks Shera from the top rope on the back.  Sabin hits a Craddle Shock and gets the pin.

Winners… Chris Sabin and James Storm

Backstage XXXL Decay and Reno Scum start arguing backstage.  This is setting up some kind of match this Saturday.

Flashback Match.  Team 3-D VS Beer Money VS The Motor City Machine Guns.  Guns win.

Violent by Design is shown backstage with the continuation of the story line of abuse to Cody DeanerEric Young is berating Deaner while Joe Doering just watches, not saying a word.  Storm and Sabin walk up.  Storm tells him what he is doing is wrong.  Deaner attacks Storm for defending him.  Decay beats up Sabin and Storm and then tell them to stay out of their business.

Brian Myers barges in Scott D’Amore’s office.  He says they need to talk.  Scott asks if he wants talk about the legal papers, his attorney drafted.  Brian says yes, just fire Eddie Edwards.  Scott tricks Myers into a Hold Harmless Match at Sacrifice.  That match will have no rules.  Scott explains him the lack of rules after he agrees to the match.  Myers leaves in disgust.

Match 3.  Trey Miguel VS Sam Beale (with Sami Callihan)

Callihan introduces Sam Beale.  He says he is one of the best in the world, and his.  Trey immediately locks Beale in a leglock after he jumps Trey from behind.  Beale tags out.

Winner Trey Miguel.

Post Match.  Sami Callihan piledrives Beale in the center of the ring.

Sabin and Storm talk backstage to the camera, directly to EY.  Storm says they are coming after him to whoop his ass.  Just then Jake Something wants to stand with them at ringside.  They partnership of the three ends with them shaking hands.

AEW has another paid for commercial.  Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan brag about the success and the buy rate of his PPV.  He says Christian Cage will speak this week on Dynamite.  Khan also runs down the card from Saturday.  He also pokes fun at Kenny Omega’s exploding rings making skills.  He also says Eddie Kingston is a good friend.  Tony Schiavone runs down the entire card from their.

Scott D’Amore is doing a sit down contract signing between the Good Brothers and Juice Robinson and Dave Finley.  The boys decides to share a shot before they sign.  They start doing shots and D’Amore walks off.  They decide to have another shot.  Then they decide to do another shot.. lol.  They pour a third round.  Before they do the sign, they all sign.  Then toast the last shot.  However, this time Juice and Finley throw the whiskey in The Good Brother’s eyes.  An all out brawl takes place next.

Match 4.  Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) VS Chris Bey

Ace immediately goes to the outside the ring as soon as the bell rings.  He grabs a chair and tells Fulton to sit down.  This is classic Ace Austin.  He rolls in the ring, than pulls away again.  Bey finally locks on a side headlock.  Bey goes to the floor and Ace rolls him up for a one count.  Ace slips out of the hold after the pin attempt.  Ace then takes Bey off his feet with a highschool takedown.  Bey spins around and gets waist control.  They release the hold.  Both are cautious to lock hands in a test of strength.  Ace kicks him in the gut.  Then he hits a northern lights suplex for a two count pin.  Ace then hits some beautiful knee strikes for another two count.

Bey recovers and basement dropkicks Ace, who bailed to the outside.  He then crossed the ropes and moonsaults Ace on the outside.  Ace recovers and hits a high knee and then a back flip from the ring to the outside on Bey.  Bey gets tossed in the ring, and Ace spring board side kicked Bey in the face.  Cool move.  Bey hits a Code Red.  (it is like a Canadian Destroyer)  Ace kicks out and hits a jumping knee strike and then a spring board senton from the top rope.  Bey kicks out at a count of two.

The two both miss several kicks.  This goes on for about 2 mins until Ace hits a amazing spin kick to the head.  They end up on the tope rope punching each other.  They both tumble to the floor violently.  This wasn’t a botch.  They just hit their backs hard on the apron.  Their momentum carried them to the floor.  We then go to break.

During the break they apparently recovered… kinda.   They are on their knees in the ring, trading punches.  Bey gets the best of Ace.  He runs the ropes, but Ace trips him and Bey lands face first on the bottom rope.  Ace hits a helicopter legdrop off the top rope.  Bey kicks out at two.  Ace places Bey on the top rope.  Bey blocks Ace from hitting a move and drops Ace to the mat.  Bey hits the Vert-a-breaker.   Ace somehow kicks out at two.  That move is sick.

Bey starts stomping Ace.  He is losing his cool.  He hits a DDT on Ace, but he didn’t go for a pin.  Ace rolls to the outside as Bey went for his signature springboard spin kick off the ropes.  Fulton steps in front of Bey on the outside.  Ace sneaks behind Fulton, who is huge, and jumps Bey.

TJP walks out to the ramp and wants to watch the match.  Fulton chases him off.  Bey hits a spring board cutter on Ace and pins him, while Ace had his attention on TJP.

Winner.  Chris Bey.

What a match.

At Swingers Palace, TJP walks in happy with himself.  He collects a load of cash.  He bet on Bey.  Josh Alexander comes in and starts bickering with TJP.  He says he will be there to face the winner of him and Ace this weekend.

Rohit is shown still yelling at Shera.  Shera loses it and chokes Rohit.  I guess Rohit learned that lesson.

Match 5.  ODB VS Susan

Susan comes out by herself.  She claims she won’t need any help to beat ODB.  She is disgusted by the sheer presence of ODB.  She tries to cover up ODB’s chest.  ODB rubs her face into her breasts for her own enjoyment.  ODB corners Susan and splashes her and hits a chop.  She follows that up with a Broncobuster.  ODB then hits a fall away slam, as we go to break.

Striker mentions ODB will be facing Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship this weekend.

ODB hits the dirty dozen, which is kinda gross to see.  Susan locks on a sleeper.  She lets go and drags OBD down by the hair.  Susan then pours out ODB’s booze on the floor.  ODB loses it and slams her and gets the pin.

Winner ODB.

Post match, Purrazzo and Kimber Lee attack ODB.  Jazz and Grace come in and make the save.  Then Fire and the Flave come in and take out ODB, Grace and Jazz.  Fire and the Flave, Purrazzo, Lee and Susan all celebrate in the ring, as Grace, Jazz and ODB lay on the mat.

Championship Match Announcement for this weekend.

Scott D’Amore is shown backstage preparing to make an announcement about the title match between Moose and Swann.  Just then, Moose is shown in the ring.  He calls out to D’Amore to the ring.  Someone is shown sitting at a desk with D’Amore, but we can’t see who it is.  D’Amore says he will have to make the announcement in the arena.  We go to break.

Moose is shown in the ring.  He says his patience is wearing thin.  He doesn’t want to wait anymore.  Finally D’Amore enters.  He walks to the ring.  Scott says before he makes his announcement, he must introduce the Impact World Champion, Rich Swann.  Swann walks out.  He is no dancing this time.  Moose is in a suit.  Swann is in casual clothes, both are carrying their belt.  D’Amore then says this will be a World Title Unification Match.  

But that is not all.  The winner of the match will be in the Main Event of Rebellion.  The winner of that match will face the AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega.  WOW.

Don Callus is shown in the office.  He said this is going just like we planned.

The show ends.








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