The A Show Podcast, E1 – Recap

Mar 8, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

Our hosts for the A Show consists of April Hunter & Aron Stevens. Join them weekly as they’ll discuss everything from the controversial to the candid, with a little wrestling peppered throughout. Episodes will air on Wednesday through the Hamin Media Group on patreon or watch the very first episode free on YouTube. If you enjoy the content & would like help support the channel then please visit and subscribe at

The show itself is credited as being the most important podcast you are currently listening to right now. April thanks everyone for being here and supporting the Maiden Voyage that herself & Stevens have created. April mentions that she has been talking about starting a podcast for a few years now, as a matter of fact Vince Russo tried to get her to work on his podcast and it’s ironic since they are on the same channel in Hamin Media Group. April & Aron met way back in the early 00’s since they are both students of Killer Kowalski. He recollects how he would’ve been 18 or 19 depending on the date. They both reminisce on the setup of the the building. It was a karate studio in which “Superstar” Richard Burns made a business arrangement with Walter & things bloomed from there. Aron starts mentioning on how this show came about due to meeting a mutual friend and he acknowledges how April graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment & congratulates her for going back to school. They both agree on how due to how the world currently is that they are able to finally pursue the show.

The great reset is the next topic which reflects back to getting to be able to do to the podcast, facebook & zoom. Aron mentions how he is 10 years removed from technology & etiquette becomes the topic. Like on how you’ll receive a friend request and then people will want to know right off the bat about things they don’t need to know or so to speak a lack of respect for time is mentioned by April. Instagram is a different deal for which it’s an explicit pic. How & why? Taste in decency vs. complete rude behavior. April points out all the inbox’s and how people’s attention spans are all over the place and that is the thing all consumers truly look at is someone’s attention. April starts discussing on why people believe it’s okay to send dick or vagina pics. She feels that it isn’t okay for other people to push their opinions on you whether it’s religion or politics. A lot of people have the mentality in what they believe or do is right but everyone else is wrong. Bad etiquette.

Aron brings up religion in how he says sees so many beautiful things in so many religions. He points out the fact that there is one golden rule in most religions regardless & that is Do Unto Others so why can’t everyone be more accepting with people on how they want to live their life. He doesn’t limit God to existence because he believes in a supreme being that is beyond what we can comprehend as human beings. What it all comes back to is don’t send unsolicited pics of your genitalia. Opposites are different ends of the same coin as whether it’s Atheists or Christians and such because someone shaped and formed them to choose their beliefs and how they’ve become.

Labels, ego & taking offense is bright up April brings up that thinking is hard but following is easy. Divide & conquer thinking is bullshit because people are being manipulated into what to think, she feels that a true opinion only comes from a real education or experience because it doesn’t come from a screen or from someone else telling you what to think. America has became sort of spoiled & confined because they don’t know how other people have it, they don’t know the struggles because the country is so well developed. Hindsight is 20/20, literally. The country is very fortunate to not run out of water during the pandemic. Aron mentions how the pandemic hasn’t been handled correctly state or federal wide. Extremism is the enemy, why can’t everyone in the society work together & be more understanding to make it through this pandemic. Sociopathic culture is brought up because the difference between the US & Canada is that Canada thinks along the lines of We & the US think Me instead. April feels as though the fear will kill us before the virus does because a lot of illnesses are caused from stress. April has felt the stress because she worked her ass off for 3 years in school so she when she got all these bookings and she lost them all due to COVID-19. She points out that locking down versus not locking down is the same since it’s spreading no matter what. They both point out that they’re glad everyone is wearing masks and they understand & agree because no one likes it, the same as everyone hates COVID.

April mentions what disappointed her the most, really pissed off, really upset & heartbroken. For years she has waited for a Revolution to happen in this country through multiple administrations. First was the patriot act, then having to pay extra to take our luggage with us on planes for a temporary regulations that help counter towards the rising gas prices but they’re still around because nobody said shit, no one has. Many Americans choose to believe whatever they’re told instead of studying and reading up on things themselves. A plug for April’s Scentsations is mentioned for an example towards net neutrality since small businesses are relegated to having to pay now because corporations get the fast lane. Corporations run this country and that’s what happens when only 6 corporations runs the media because they can tell us that net neutrality is beneficial for us but it’s not. Small business are truly struggling in this country as well as not being able to rent out rooms anymore. The country was based off freedom, allegedly. If you grow your own food then it’s like growing money, if we would all have our own food then it would crash the prices of food but we are literally giving up our rights and putting power in someone else’s hands to feed ourselves & families. A lot of people got a taste of this when the quarantine hit because people don’t know how to make soap or grow their own food. April used her eggs from her chickens as payments to help her out during the pandemic. So in the bottom line it pisses her off because the revolution that came was because of a facemask. It blows her mind that that’s what everyone decided to fight over because there is so much other stuff people wanted to speak up about, heart breaking. Aron points out that it may have something to do with the fact it’s something visually obvious instead of something that people will have to make the effort to find out before formulating an opinion. If everyone was to do their own research then maybe we wouldn’t see one against the other. People should be more open minded, more understanding & try to see things from a different point of view. Why can’t we try to meet someone else in the middle & at least try to engage in a civil discussion. A challenge of the week is thrown out there as trying to go without any kind of injective moral truth where you’re going to hinder on someone’s human rights and try to see things from a different perspective. If you engage with someone that has a different perception of then just try to be more understanding and see things from their point of view & see if it’ll change your perspective any. It’s human nature for everyone to have their own perception on individuals.

They know all the bad things that has come with with the pandemic but they want to focus on the positive things that has come from it. In which case mental health is one because some people only had sympathy but not empathy towards the subject but with the pandemic happening so many people have felt anxiety & depression so they’ve experienced it now and hopefully mental health will be more understanding and accepted when this is all resolved. Aron agrees & mentions how April has been very forthcoming on what she has faced towards mental health and he believes she is truly a brave person for it. He says it’s okay to talk about things that bother you & how you’re feeling. Not little picky problems but actual things that’ll affect someone’s mentality or mood. If someone is still having a hard time on opening up or putting things out there then at the very least we can try to become more empathetic towards those who are all struggling. We all have mental health just like we all have physical health. There is so many things that can help to take care of our body so why not go that route to help our mentality. The body goes where the mind tells it to go so people should be more busy in focusing on themselves once in awhile.

The closing topic mentions how they’ll be discussing anyone & everything on the podcast. They took some requests today & they’ll cover it on Episode 2. One topic asked was their best & worst valentine’s, relationship advice, a lot of analogies & another former Killer Kowalski student in Melissa Coates as she has had her leg removed and there is a gofundme account set up for her so anyone that can help please check that out.

My personal review may differ from others on the podcast but I feel that you truly do get to see how intellectual both individuals are from this first episode in where religion & politics met one another in a non lethal way. I also agree on how people should be more open minded, especially in these tough times and I look forward to the next episodes so please send your support at the fellow links which include:

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