Rin Kadokura

Mar 7, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name: Rin Kadokura
Height: 5’1″
Date of Birth: February 27, 1993
Hometown: Chiba, Japan
Pro Debut: May 3, 2016
Trained By: Chigusa Nagayo
Finishing Move: Double Wrist Armsault


– May 3, 2016, Rin would make her debut in a losing effort to Ayako Hamada at Marvelous Walk This Way!
– May 18th, Rin & Takumi Iroha lost to Sareee & Meiko Tanaka at SEAdLINNING Let’s Go Now.
– June 19th, Rin lost to Meiko Satomura at Marvelous in Chiba.
– July 5th, Rin lost to Kaho Kobayashi on WAVE Young OH! OH!.
– August 8th, Rin lost to KAORU at Marvelous Monday Fight Night.
– September 14th, Rin & Yako Fujigasaki defeated Hiroe Nagahama & Natsu Sumire on WAVE Young OH! OH!
– November 11th, Rin lost to Hiroe Nagahama on WAVE Young OH! OH!
– December 21st, Rin lost to Rina Yamashita at SEAdLINNING Mirror’s.
– December 29th, Rin & Takumi Iroha defeated DASH Chisako & Mio Momono at the RIZIN Martial Arts Expo.
– March 13, 2017, Rin lost to Hiroe Nagahama at Marvelous Monday Fight Night.
– March 21st, Rin lost to Tsukasa Fujimoto at the WAVE Joshi Pro Festival.
– April 2nd, Rin lost to Maruko Nagasaki on New Ice Ribbon.
– April 15th, Rin lost to Rina Yamashita at the Marvelous 1st Anniversary Show.
– April 16th, Rin challenged Yako Fujigasaki for the Princess of Pro Wrestling Title.
– May 5th, Rin lost to Kaori Yoneyama at SEAdLINNING Golden Go! Go!
– June 4th, Rin lost to Rina Yamashita in the semi-finals of the Catch the WAVE ’17.
– July 26th, Rin & ERINA lost to SAKI & Mio Momono at GPS Growth.
– August 11th, Rin lost to Yoshiko in the first round of the SEAdLINNING ULTRA U-7 Tournament.
– August 30th, Rin & SAKI defeated Fairy Nihonbashi & Sakura Hirota on Weekday WAVE.
– September 17th, NEW-TRA (Rin & Takumi Iroha) defeated Kaho Kobayashi & Hiroe Nagahama for the WAVE Tag Team Titles.
– November 12th, Rin lost to Ryo Mizunami at Marvelous Carnival.
– November 26th, NEW-TRA retained the WAVE Tag Team Titles against Yumi Ohka & Yuki Miyazaki.
– January 14, 2018, Rin defeated Satsuki Totoro at SEAdLINNING Now or Never.
– February 12th, Rin & Konami lost to Miyuki Takase & Mika Iida at Valentine WAVE.
– April 8th, Rin & Giulia lost to Mai Mizuochi & Satsuki Totoro on New Ice Ribbon.
– May 4th, NEW-TRA lost the WAVE Tag Team Titles to Yuki Miyazaki & Nagisa Nozaki.
– May 5th, NEW-TRA lost to Keiko Aono & Takako Inoue at the Diana 7th Anniversary Show.
– June 7th, NEW-TRA defeated Rina Yamashita & Kaho Kobayashi on Weekday WAVE.
– June 28th, NEW-TRA lost to Kaoru Ito & Keiko Aono at Diana Progress Night.
– July 16th, Rin lost to SAKI at Itabashi WAVE.
– October 14th, NEW-TRA lost to Avid Rival (Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami) in the finals of the Dual Shock WAVE ’18.
– November 7th, NEW-TRA challenged BOSS To Mammy (Mio Momono & Yumi Ohka) for the WAVE Tag Team Titles.
– December 17th, Rin & Yuu Yamagata lost to Natsumi Maki & Megumi Yabushita at Marvelous Monday Fight Night.
– March 17, 2019, Rin & Tsukasa Kuragaki defeated Giulia & Tequila Saya on New Ice Ribbon.
– March 30th, Rin lost to Megumi Yabushita at Marvelous Monday Fight Night.
– April 8th, Rin & Sakura Hirota lost to Hikaru Shida & Takumi Iroha at Marvelous Monday Fight Night.
– April 25th, Rin defeated Haruka Umesaki at Diana Progress Night ’19.
– May 5th, Rin entered into the Catch the WAVE ’19.
– May 12th, Rin lost to Sareee at the Marvelous 3rd Anniversary Show.
– June 15th, Rin defeated Mikoto Shindo at Hamamatsu Joshi Pro Wrestling.
– November 1, 2020, Rin defeated Itsuki Aoki at WAVE NAMI 1.
– November 21st, Rin & Itsuki Aoki competed in the final 3-Way Dual Shock WAVE Tournament.
– January 1, 2021, Rin competed in a Battle Royal on WAVE NAMI 1.
– January 16th, Rin & Itsuki Aoki defeated BOSS To Mammy for the WAVE Tag Team Titles.
– February 14th, Rin & Itsuki Aoki lost to KAORU & Yumi Ohka at Valentine WAVE ’21.

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